During the process construction activities, CSV Life Science provides the following services:

• Coordination of construction activities
• Safety coordination
• Scheduling and cost control
• Contract definition and management
• Commissioning and validation integration

Our Various Project Activities:

• Coordination of construction activities: The construction activities are executed in a rational sequence, taking into account spaces and materials availability.

• Safety: Safety aspects of construction are continuously checked vs. the Safety Plan. Pocket leaflet on Safety is given to all companies working at site. Safety statistics are regularly done.

• Check of quality: Execution of erection works is checked vs. engineering documentation, assuring that construction activities are consistent with the design. On site Changes are properly managed.

• Check of schedule: Physical progress of erection works is evaluated, and compared to overall project schedule; remedial actions are taken if delays are identified.

• Administrative activities: Work Progress Reports of Subcontractors are evaluated and approved, before the issue of relevant invoices.

• Integration and validation: Collection of suppliers technical documentation in order to build up the Site Mechanical Catalogue (the basis of the future vTOP file). Tests documentation: Tests normally performed during Construction, pre-Commissioning and Commissioning are documented in proper forms, in order to be a valuable support for writing IQ/OQ Protocols writing and execution.

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