In 1950 founded as Rudolf FUCHS Maschinenbau, Rümmingerstrasse CH-4058 Basel. Since 1984, operating as FUCHS Maschinenbau Inhaber A. Baumann, Hammerstrasse 70 CH-4057 Basel. 1993 moved to Granges-Paccot close to Fribourg.

Since 1997 FUCHS Maschinen AG Rte d’Englisberg 17 CH-1763 Granges-Paccot. 2001 Arthur Baumann hands over the company to his son Daniel.

FUCHS Maschinen AG has specialized in manufacturing simple and efficient machines for bulk material processing. We primarily offer the following products and services for: Blending, Sifting and Granulating.

FUCHS machines are unrivalled in their simple, functional and high quality design. They are used all over the world on all continents in nearly all areas of activity.