Why to opt for Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 & CSV6 products for accurate contained transfer

In pharmaceutical industry, disposable transfer is a delicate task that should be done carefully. There are many challenges with traditional methods of transfer and hence, companies came up with new, reliable and highly accurate products that make disposable transfer just like a smooth sailing.

Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 & CSV6 is one such product that has set a benchmark for its unparalleled features and benefits. Since its inception, it is turned out to be he best containment solution in the pharma and biopharma companies.

They are available in 4 and 6 inch bores with single use formats, Ezi-Flow CSV is the name you can rely on when it comes to exceptional containment solution.

Some of the salient features of this product are described below:

  • Except containment performance <1µg/m3
  • Full-Bore discharge and that too quickly.
  • Maintenance costs are almost zero
  • Liquid tight to make processes more functional
  • Fully disposable chargebag and passive connection
  • Highly cost effective than traditional methods such as Split Butterfly Valve method

It is available at lower cost and offers superior advantages to the pharma companies as it can be easily deployed and used with no or little technical knowledge.

Where can it be used?

The Ezi-Flow CSV products can be used in multiple tasks and operations including:

• Reactor Charging

• Extruder Charging

• Powder Filling Lines

• Tablet Press Charging

• Tablet Coater Charging

• Blenders/Mixers

• Filter Dryers

• Tablet Packing Lines

We have witnessed the increase in APIs’ potency and there is a need to contain production and manufacturing processes in a manner that it serves the core purpose.

Furthermore, companies also need to adhere cGMP & Operator Exposure Legislation guidelines. Traditional methods were outdated and ineffective that made things more difficult for companies. With Ezi-Flow CSV products, it has become easy for companies to get best containment performance at best, cost-effective rates.

Whether the products are powders, solids, steriles, tablets or wet cake, with Ezi-Flow CSV4 all plastic, contained transfer is highly effective and accurate.