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Tool management and the knowledge of the availability and condition of tools is becoming increasingly important for a variety and of primary importance for a number of reasons.

The first is that tracking the punches and dies used to make pharmaceutical tablets, nutraceutical supplements and confectionery products are subject to legislation and auditory compliance in almost all countries around the world.

Management is also essential for productivity. Shorter lead times and cost implications are putting pressure on tablet manufacturers to invest in new technologies and processes, and one area where investment is being made to meet demand is through software solutions.

All in all, the objectives of a tool management system are to ensure you comply with legal requirements whilst ensuring that tooling is never a cause for delay in the production schedule. If you can manage and optimize your tablet production assets you will reduce downtime and increase productivity… the equation really is that simple!

I Holland Tool Management System

Since its launch, the I Holland Tool Management System (IH-TMS) has taken off with hundreds of installations around the world. IH-TMS is an affordable standalone tooling management system with a tool measurement capability. It has been developed to encourage proactive monitoring of tool rotations, tooling inventory and tooling maintenance. Design features also allow you to keep a detailed record of your tooling from inception all the way to when the tooling is out of manufacture. All the information is fully recorded on a simple, multi-language user interface and provides a fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail.

  • Compact yet powerful and easy to use touchscreen PC
  • Light and portable camera and stand allows visual recording of tooling condition
  • Optional concentricity measurement instrument
  • Can be used to measure all types of tooling
  • Measurements can be input using simple gauges
  • Non-contact measurement available with optional laser
  • Comes loaded with a digital copy of the Eurostandard Educational Collection

System is fully adaptable to any language or any script (Right to Left or Left to Right).

Over compression, repair and replacement prompts allowing planned tool maintenance and replacement.

Full tooling inventory allowing life cycle management.

System is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant with comprehensive document management and audit trail.


Tool Management Packages

IH-TMS Starter
This entry level package includes a compact yet powerful touch screen PC and camera system enabling you to manage and keep a visual record of your tooling inventory.

IH-TMS Contact
Full system as IH-TMS Starter plus contact length measuring. This package contains all the benefits of the starter package but with a length measuring gauge which sends information directly to the tool management system.

IH-TMS Laser
Full system as IH-TMS Starter, plus this package comes with a laser measuring instrument. This allows for very accurate non-contact length measuring, eliminating the possibility of the probe marking the punch tip face.