Vacuum Conveying

The modular design provides the opportunity to adapt the suction device to various different handling or process equipment. Sack tipping, Drum unloading, BBU Big Bag Unloading, feeder refilling, reactor loading, to name some examples. Vacuum conveyors are compact and light and are suitable for manual or automated operation.


  • Dust free conveying. Potential leaks are contained within the system.
  • Operated with a vacuum ejector, simply connect the system to the existing compressed air net and run the system.
  • Suitable for use in explosive atmosphere
  • Hygienic and enclosed design and construction details available
  • Additional equipment can directly be positioned in the conveying line (inline sifter, nibblers, cone mills etc…).
  • Compact and light weight receiving vessels
  • Modular construction for ease of strip down shortens cleaning time and maintenance interruption
  • Control units pneumatically operated without ignition sources.


  • Unit available in type 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Special finishes available for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Special designs to handle products with “difficult” flow properties and abrasive characteristics.
  • Range of sizes available for throughputs up to 4000 kg per hour.
  • ATEX execution available
  • Large area filters with alternative filter media available to suit the application.
  • Automatic filter cleaning during the discharge cycle utilising reverse jets of compressed air on a controlled time sequence.
  • Internal surfaces crack and crevice free.
  • Accessories like vacuum pumps, infeed bodies, conveyor bodies, controls, piping.

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