RAB Systmes

Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) are an effective alternative to isolators and cleanrooms where product protection from contaminants is of paramount importance.

Whether your developing brand new facilities or modifying existings ones, a full site survey from Howorth will ensure that you receive the optimum barrier solution for your facility.

Modular Flexibility

A Howorth RAB system consists of individual modules, each manufactured to a standard specification, but completely configurable depending on the space that you have to work with. It can cover small or large filling and packaging lines, by simply adding more modules.

Benefits and features

  • Improved contamination control and consequently improved product quality
  • Modular design facilitates speedy delivery, thereby ensuring minimum downtime
  • Simplicity of air handling making RABS easier to install
  • Flexible alternative to isolators and facilitate intervention where necessary
  • Lower initial cost out-lay in comparison with brand new clean room facilities
  • Suitable for integration into new and existing facilities
  • Assists in ensuring your compliance with current regulatory requirements

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