Manual Blister Packing Machine

Maxi-Pack is a sealing machine manufactured to satisfy the packaging requirements in the pharmacy. In fact, with Maxi-Pack the pharmacist can package capsules and tablets of different sizes with great facility and easiness. The machine seals and codes per stroke two blisters mm 90×70, which are already preformed, sealed on a side and cut with round angles in one unique operation. These industrial quality blisters, supplied by O.M.A.R. in 7 standard formats, allow, once filled with the product and totally sealed, a perfect centering of the Aluminum foil on the PVC blister and a perfect sealing result. The mechanics of the machine develops a pressure of about 1500 Kg, which ensures an excellent sealing performance and enables the operator to work with ease. On demand, it is possible to manufacture with a contribute moulds and preformed blisters having internal configuration and external dimensions different from O.M.A.R. standard formats.

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