Innova 30k

High Capacity Machine suitable for filling, welding, in aseptic room of pre-moulded strips of unit dose. Innova is a verticle designed machine with operating groups balcony assembled. For use in the pharmaceutical industry to handle strips of unit drops for eye drops, ear and nose drops, oral vaccines, aerosol solutions, disinfectants, solution for the cleaning of contact lenses, diagnostic reagents, etc.

The new welding and patented method features on the Innova, is the results of stringent research and testing which allow for high production speeds, the possibility to operate on a flat shaped and fin ended design, without angles and burrs which is an important consideration in the event that the strips are subsequently “pouched”, together with the possibility of obtaining positive and sound welding of liquids and creams.

The Innova is manufactured is three basic models in order to satisfy differing production requirements.

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