Filling And Closing Machine For Cartridges

The FSK filling and closing machine for cartridges has specifically been developed to accommodate clinical trials and small batches, where flexibility, high accuracies and short change over times are essential. With its unique design this bench top machine allows for stoppering, purging, filling and crimp capping of cartridges in one single, compact unit. All electrical and control components are integrated into the machine base.

Using a special transport holder the cartridges are manually fed into the transport system, which transfers the container to the various working stations automatically. After a stopper has been placed the cartridges move on to the nitrogen purging and filling process, followed by the crimping station. Once a crimp cap has been placed by the operator, a pneumatic cylinder activates the crimping process. After the cycle has been completed, the transport system returns to its start position.

Benefits and Features

  • Stoppering, purging, filling and crimping in one single, compact unit
  • High dosing accuracy, consistent over the life cycle of the tubing
  • FSP peristaltic pump head removable from drive unit without tools
  • Extended filling tubing life cycle due to reduced rolling stresses
  • Integrated “drip retraction” and recipe management features
  • Touch screen user interface
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