Continuous Manufacturing of Oral Solid Dosages

The module can supply mixtures of up to 6 components to:

  • Direct Compression
  • Wet or Dry Granulation
  • Hot Melt Extrusion
  • Sachet or Capsule Filling
  • As individual unit operation for formulation development

Gericke continuous mixing process technologies are ideally suited to the new era of efficient solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our systems are fully developed, and in use at various sites and have been approved by customers and the FDA.


  • The Highest feeding accuracy and the lowest standard deviation
  • Modular design – Components can be exchanged easily to adapt the feed rate
  • Superior design for difficult flowing products
  • Removable feeding unit for fast and hygienic cleaning
  • Rotatable mounting for optimal accessibility
  • Encapsulated drive and weighing unit
  • Usable for WIP

EasyDos Pro Controller

EasyDos Pro controller monitors the feed rate at a high sampling rate and adapts speed of feeding screws to achieve highest accuracy with low relative standard deviation RSD. It uses unique filter algorithms to assure robust and precise feeding, even with varying bulk material properties and external disturbances.  We also include the right tools for an independent validation of feeder performance.

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