API Containment Isolator

The manufacturing of Active and Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API and HAPI) has become a growth area within the industry. There is an ever-increasing demand for higher containment and improved operator protection, as well as preventing cross-contamination within facilities.

API isolators provide the highest levels of containment for handling these toxic compounds. Each isolator is a bespoke build to meet the client’s requirements and processes. Below are examples of the types of isolator we can produce to suit different processes.

  • ADC Containment Isolators
  • Filter Dryer Isolators
  • Roller Compactor Isolators
  • Sampling & Dispensing Isolators
  • Reactor Charging Isolators
  • Fluid Bed Drying Isolators
  • Granulation & Milling Isolators
  • Compression Tablet Press & Encapsulation Isolators
  • Vacuum Tray Drying Isolators

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