Automatic De-Blistering Machine

The new diagonal loading line allows the stock placed directly on the F160 to load automatically blisters with max. Dimensions mm 120×150. At the machine’s starting, F160 charges the blister automatically and starts the un-destructive blister recovery cycle; the product is recovered by tools adaptable to every format, product and dimension. With the new de blistering machine Simpaty F160 the product is ejected through a mechanic system without any kind of damage; this way the product can be recovered and immediately reused or disposed of. With the de blistering machine Simpaty F160 it is possible to de blister blisters with up 7 pocket rows; the de blistering machine F160 is equipped with all tools necessary to cut the blister covering material prior to the product ejection, thus making this process easier. The ejected product slides into a hopper for its recovery, the pressed blister falls on a chute opposite to the hopper, thus getting divided. Both of them will set into transparent PET-G bins. The de blistering machine F160 recovers pharmaceutical products such as hard and soft gelatin capsules, multi-shaped tablets, almonds, candies, chewing-gums and so on. The de-blistering machine F160 de-blisters blisters in plastic material and alu-alu with hard aluminum covering or not highly resistant materials.

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