Aseptic Isolator

For a reliable, sterile environment for the processing of pharmaceutical products, you need a solution that provides uncompromised, total barrier isolation.

Benefits of Aseptic Barrier Isolators

Product protection:

People are the biggest source of contamination in cleanrooms, even under optimal conditions, a gowned, motionless human may generate 100,000 particles per ft3/min. Aseptic barrier isolation technology offers the complete separation of personnel from the test sample ensuring pure protection for your products.

Reduced Operational Costs:

The complete separation of the internal and external environment means that the surrounding area can be operated at a much lower classification and consequently lower cost.

• Smaller workspace footprint lowers utility costs
• Automated decontamination process reduces cleaning costs
• Reduced gowning & training costs
• Effective alternative to cleanroom construction
• Ergonomic space saving solution

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