Automated Powder Compaction Analysis System | D500 & D1000

The first fully automated powder compaction analysis system developed by GAMLEN. The Development Series: D500 & D1000.

The Gamlen D series includes the Gamlen Powder Compaction Analyzer and Tablet Tensile Analyzer (TTA).

21CFR11 Compliant Option

automated powder compaction analysis system


  • Generate USP <1062> compaction data
  • Assess and optimise tablet lubrication
  • Fast and effective formulation development
  • Alternative supplier evaluation
  • Process or formulation change evaluation
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Establish API intrinsic compaction properties
  • Troubleshoot manufacturing issues

The Gamlen D-Series range represents our most advanced powder compaction analysers. These instruments allow the user to assess compaction behaviour without any prior tableting knowledge so are ideal for both compaction novices and experts alike. Portable and easy to learn, you will be generating useful results within minutes.

The D-Series powder compaction analyzers have been designed to facilitate fully automated compaction analysis. Combine it with the Gamlen Dashboard software for the worlds first automated compaction analysis system. Automated analysis prevents data entry errors while ensuring fast, consistent analysis.

The D-Series includes an integrated detachment force measurement mechanism. Detachment force is force used to detach tablets from the lower punch during manufacture. As high detachment forces are indicative of poor lubrication, detachment data is particularly useful when investigating sticking/picking issues.

Unique Integrated Detachment Force Measurement

The patented integrated detachment mechanism consists of a rotating die and simple lever. This allows compaction, detachment and ejection operations to be carried out with no need for awkward re-configuration.

Key Benefits

  • Gamlen Dashboard software allows for fully automated compaction analysis
  • Automatically generates all USP <1062> and lubrication data
  • Complete analysis of compaction process
  • Provides compaction, detachment and ejection profiles
  • Proven to be indicative of plant behaviour
  • Software enables users to evaluate results without prior compaction experience
  • Easy comparison of different materials/formulations
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Requires minimal bench space
  • Suitable for GMP testing
  • Minimal material required to generate useful results (typically 1.5 g)
  • Suitable for use in protected or controlled GMP environment
  • Significantly less expensive than powder compaction analysis
  • Minimal training required (typically <2hr)
  • Minimal method development – test conditions unchanged 90% of the time
  • Minimal troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Compaction speed range 0.01 to 3 mm/s
  • Available in two max. operating loads 500 kg (D500) and 1000 kg (D1000)

USP <1062> Tablet Compression Characterisation


The D-Series is designed to be used with the Gamlen dashboard software for fully automated compaction analysis. The software automatically generates all lubrication and USP <1062> compaction data (compactibility, compressibility and tabletability).  This allows you to easily rank your formulations against all standard tablet Critical Quality Attributes prior to entering into manufacture.

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Automated Powder Compaction Analysis System

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