Motorised Mixing Bowl Lifting and Tipping Attachment | Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients

The Mixing Bowl Lifting Attachment for Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients has been designed to suit the ‘Hobart 140 quart mixing bowl’, although this bespoke solution can be tailored to meet most handling solutions.
The attachment is designed to safely lift, tip and lower the mixing bowl. Motorised mixing bowl lifting and tipping attachment is designed to safely lift, tip and lower the mixing bowl.

Easy and controlled emptying of the ingredients is enabled by the motorised forward tipping action.
The mixing bowl of ingredients is retained and held by the lifting attachment by two slide-in locators, and secured on each side with the unique quick release system.

The lifter is operated from the push button controls adjacent to the control panel which provides simple and safe action.
Constructed from stainless steel, this lifting equipment is suitable for the food industry and other hygienic and clean room environments.

Motorised Mixing Bowl Lifting and Tipping Attachment

This lifting solution is supported by a full bespoke design service ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit any make or size if mixing bowl.


Maximum Attachment Lift Capacity: 140kg (308.65lbs)
Load Centre (Centre of Gravity): 545mm (21.46”) from column
Attachment Mass: Stainless Steel and anodised aluminium.

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