Metal Detector Machine Used in Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

The metal detector is the one that is mainly used for detecting the metal in the products or packets of the food or pharmaceutical industries. A metal detector protects equipment and regulates compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries. A metal detector plays an important role in product safety. Depending on the purpose, different kinds of metal detection types of machinery had been invented. The presence of metal pieces even in trace quantity may degrade drugs so it has become an essential part to detect the metal and then provide it. Hence the metal detector machine is a very important part of the pharmaceutical industries.


⦁          The metal machine is a faster and better auto-learn machine.

⦁          The use of the detectors reduces any metal contamination ensuring the food safety of the consumers.

⦁          The metal detector requires less maintenance hence it is cost-effective.

⦁          The metal detector is useful in preserving the drugs because if a small quantity of metal is also presented then it may degrade the medicines.

⦁          It is the toughest and factory friendly metal detector on the market.

Why Loma Lock System Inspection Metal Detector

⦁          Loma system and lock inspection is a worldwide premier manufacturer of metal detection machines.

⦁          Loma system and lock inspection are producing a consistent quality of products with low-cost ownership.

⦁          Loma system and lock inspection are considered the most reliable metal detector producers.

⦁          Loma’s experience and innovation in conveyorized solutions are for a better solution in food industries.

⦁          Loma’s conveyor systems comply with strict international standards.

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