How Our Partner I Holland Gives Solution to the Problem in Production of Tablet?

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the production process had become more simplified and more mechanized. Tablet making is a very easy, basic, and common process.  An ideal tablet should be free of all problems and defects.  An industrial pharmacist usually encounters many of the problems at the time of manufacturing. During the production of tablet their occurs many problems out of which some could be solved, some are ignored and some needs solution to it. But for the right types of problems and solutions firstly we need to analyze the whole tableting process.

Here below are some problems that occur at the time of Production of Tablet:

  • Sticking – Sticking is the problem which adheres to the surface of the tablet punch face, is an ongoing and costly problem.
  • Picking – Picking is a specific type of sticking that refers to the material becoming stuck on the faces of compression tooling by its embossing design.
  • Capping – Capping is usually found at the time of friability test, it is kind of break across the horizontal plan.
  • Lamination – Lamination usually occurs at the time storage period, it is separated into two or more distinct shapes.
  • Tablet Contamination – Contamination in the tablet generally indicates itself by the black spot in the tablet.
  • Hardness – It depends on the type of material.
  • Cracking – Cracking generally happens due to inadequate removal of the air before and after compression.
  • Double Impression – Double impressions is the imprinting of any design twice in the tablet at the time of compression stage.

Solutions for the Problems of Tablet production:

  • For Sticking issue: I Holland(UK) who is a partner of Inos provides a wide range of Punches & Dies coatings on the market which are designed to meet the challenges like sticking of almost any formulation.
  • By using I Holland’s bellows and Drip cups in conjunction with the seal grove on your tablet punch will decrease the contamination in the tablet production.
  • One of the best solutions for eliminating the Capping and lamination is the type of steel you are using which will also increase overall tool life. At I Holland they have achieved exactly that with their quality PharmaGrade®steels all of which are ESR refined at no extra cost.

Why we choose I Holland’s solution for the production of tablets.

  • I Holland Is the world’s best known for the production of tablet punches and dies.
  • I Holland’s main goal is to enrich lives by optimizing the production of health-improving and life-saving tablets.
  • I Holland is since 1910 which is a very old and customer-focused company.
  • As I Holland produce Pharmacote coatings, Bellows & Drip Cups and Pharmagrade steel which is already helping in smoothening the production of the tablet.

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