GCM Continuous Mixer

The GCM mixer is suitable for mixing a wide range of powders, flakes and granulates and viscous products also in combination with spraying of liquids. The GCM is easy to clean and can also be combined with a heating or cooling jacket.

Continuous mixing processes are a powerful alternative to traditional batch processes. They combine mixing efficiency and high throughput with low space requirements.

Solid-solid blending

Product properties such as very fine, wide particle size distribution or variable specific density can be handled. With the optimum ratio of mixing volume to throughput the mixing process is gentle, fast and respects the different properties of the bulk material.


  • preserving sugar
  • milk powder with vitamins and mineral additives
  • spices
  • additives with plastic granulates
  • raw materials for ceramic extrusions

Solid with liquid additives

Bulk materials are sprayed with aromas, binding agents or other liquids or the liquid is poured on. The prime concern is preventing the formation of agglomerates, absorption or liquid binding with the product. Mixer size, number and location of spray points, nozzles, residence time etc. are fully customizable.


  • instant coffee with aroma
  • mixing muesli bars
  • spreads
  • substrates with expanded glass beads and binders

Liquid with solids

The ratio between solid and liquid can be 50% or greater. The mixed product remains in a liquid or viscous phase. GCM mixers can be cleaned quickly with the easily accessible mixing chamber.


  • coating masses for confectionary
  • binders for gluing processes
  • viscous mixtures
  • Maximum mixing homogeneity even with very small component proportions
  • Minimizes de-mixing effects
  • Options for heating, cooling and over pressure available
  • Easy and fast discharge
  • Low space requirements even with large through-puts
  • Hygienic and pharmaceutical models (optional)
  • Inertisisation with gas blanket (optional)