A Hundred Containment Requirements: One Solution

The cornerstone of the Ezi-Dock™ High Containment solution is the Ezi-Flow™ CSV Transfer System. Available in Multi-use and Single use formats and 4 and 6 inch bores, the Ezi-Flow CSV breaks the mould, providing superb levels of containment at greatly reduced cost.

The Ezi-Flow CSV6 provides:

•    High Containment Performance <1µg/m3
•    Fast, Full-Bore Discharge
•    Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance
•    Fully Disposable Chargebag & Passive Connection
•    4-5 times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives
•    Fast, Trouble-Free Supply

Ezi-Dock Concept Overview

The shaped inner liner is manufactured from a water vapor barrier film. The outer bag is manufactured from a woven coated 120gr/m² PP with 35mm PP monofilament lay flat webbing lift loops and is supplied with a safety factor of 5:1. Ezi-Flow CSV6 Passives are fitted to the inlet and outlet of the liner giving superb flexibility for Filling, Sampling and Discharge operations through 6” full bore openings.

Filling FIBC from Spray Dryer

The Spray Dryer outlet is fitted with an Ezi-Flow CSV6 High Containment Transfer System and the FIBC inlet is fitted with a CSV6 Passive. This provides a simple but highly contained connection between the Spray Dryer and FIBC for the filling operation. A valve can be fitted between the Spray Dryer outlet and Ezi-Flow CSV6 for full flow control.

Sampling from FIBC

The Sampling Frame has two Ezi-Flow CSV6 High Containment Transfer Systems mounted

back-to-back. The Mobile FIBC Trolley is positioned beneath and the inlet is connected to the lower Ezi-Flow CSV6 and the Contained Thief Sampler is connected to the upper Ezi-Flow CSV6. Multiple samples can be retrieved whilst maintaining full containment throughout the process.

Discharge FIBC into Capsule Filler

An Ezi-Flow CSV6 High Containment System is fitted to the Capsule Filler inlet. This will allow multiple FIBC’s to be discharged into the Capsule Filler whilst maintaining full containment.