Advantages of X-ray inspection Machine

X-ray systems can detect broken, faulty and missing items. X-ray inspection systems ensure product safety and integrity for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products at the end of the production line and before being shipped. The SC-V model of the Wipotech -OCS represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities [...]

An Interesting Lifting and Tilting drums

Lifting and tilting are very useful for the drums which makes the work of the industrialist very easy and quick. In a general terms Lifter are the one which is used for the purpose of the lifting the loads and tilting is the one which is supporting the machine at the time of shifting material [...]

Pharma Chargebags for Pharmaceutical Industries

Chargebags are the one of the basic need for any pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical or chemical products in manufacturing industries. The chargebags are used in the market for disposable, flexible containment process solutions within the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing industries which has significantly grown over recent years. Some users of traditional process containers have found them [...]

A Perfect Checkweighers Machines of Wipotech OCS

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. Checkweighers can be used with metal detectors and X-ray machines to enable other attributes of the pack to be checked and acted upon accordingly. The dynamic checkweighers of the HC-M series provide the perfect weighing technology for challenging medium range check weighing applications. They are the link to [...]


A vibratory feeder is a machine that is basically used for the powder filling professionalism to the lab environment and it fills vials, capsules, cartridges, syringes, and devices. The vibratory machine is the only one that fills the product very quickly and accurately. And the biggest benefit of using this filling and closing vibratory feeder [...]

Bins- Intermediate bulk container

Intermediate bulk container plays a major role in carrying a large amount of liquid or particulates in a big container at the time processes. It is considered as an intermediate step of the whole manufacturing process. An intermediate bulk container is mainly used for holding a large amount of content in the container and it [...]