The CA-150 is a clocked cartoner for packaging various solid and liquid products such as blisters, ampoules, syringes, vials, strips, bottles, tubes, flow packs, sachets, pouches, stick packs, medical technology, cosmetics, etc.

The cartoner is suitable for all common types of closures and folding boxes, such as push-in and hot glue closures, as well as tamper evident and euro perforated boxes.


• Processing of all common types of closures
• Process-safe erection system with high tolerance to critical folding box qualities
• Simple and quick format change
• Individual integration of feeding units
• Comprehensive qualification documentation
• Optimal accessibility
• Active pre-breaking mechanism

Depending on the respective requirements, the machine can be equipped with the following options:

  • • Different product feed systems
    • Instructions for use
    • Booklet feed (individually or via trays)
    • Brochure processing
  • • Feeders for additions such as
    measuring spoons , pipettes, syringes
  •  • Code readers for data matrix codes
    • MES / ERP connections
    • Blister presence check
    • Labeler
    • Hot glue
    • Coding with ink-jet, Laser or embossing
    • Integration of Track & Trace solutions
    • Pressure detection (OCR / OCV)
    • Tamper Evident
    • Connection of end-of-line equipment