Best Roller Compactor and its Advantages

in Today’s, Pharma industries dry granulation process is considered to be the necessary part for tablet and capsule forming. Roller Compactor plays an important role over here by converting the raw material into a fine powder. The process is conducted between two counters which are rotating the roll and presses the raw materials into a solid compact form. Roller Compactor ensures particle uniformity, increased bulk density, high yield, and environmentally friendly operation. Pharma Roller Compactor is usually used in the pharmaceutical industry and also in chemical industries for fine powder formation. Basically, the roller compaction consists of three major steps: Feeding system, Compaction unit, and lastly the size decrease.

Advantages of Roller Compactor

  • Due to roller compactor their ease of process controls.
  • Roller Compactor offers a greater capacity for converting it into a fine powder.
  • Roller Compactor offers higher efficiency and it is a continuous process.
  • The Roller compactor makes the dry granulation process very easy and also it is easy to operate.
  • It is used in Tablet forming, Encapsulation, Antibiotics, and Instant powder making.
  • The Roller compactor is a flexible and low operational cost machine.
  • It provides the constant powder feed to the press rolls.

Why use Faytec Roller Compactor?

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