Aseptic filling is a scientific process where sterilized liquid are packaged under sterile condition so they don’t need refrigerator. Aseptic packaging material not only has to assure sterile conditions within the package and protect the product from physical damage, but also maintain the quality of the product inside the packaging. Fill2Weight has been intended to meet the expanding requirement for high-exactness, accuracy powder filling in sterile conditions. Aseptic Fill2Weight offers the higher level of adaptability and versatility from clinical supply to business generation level.


It is having numerous environmental and economical advantages:

Product safety: By packaging and filling it properly the product will be safe and will remain as it is for long time.

No refrigerator: Due to aseptic filling of the product it doesn’t require refrigerator for the preservation for long lasting. And due to it also not requires preservatives.

Protection: Medicine which are filled by the aseptic process they remains protected due to accurate packaging.

Variety of filling: Fill2Weight legitimately fills reconstitutable infusion gadgets, vials, cartridges, syringes, inhalers, or industry standard cases and rankles with 100% weight confirmation.

Decrease storage cost: Due to aseptic fill 2 weight processes there is high accuracy powder filling in sterile conditions which will reduce the cost of storage.

WHY to use Aseptic Fill 2 weight machine of 3P 

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3P innovation ltd manufactures the products at lower cost and lower risk.

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