API Containment Isolators

The manufacturing of Active and Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API and HAPI) has become a growth area within the industry. There is an ever-increasing demand for higher containment and improved operator protection, as well as preventing cross-contamination within facilities.

API isolators provide the highest levels of containment for handling these toxic compounds. Each isolator is a bespoke build to meet the client’s requirements and processes. Below are examples of the types of isolator we can produce to suit different processes.

ADC Containment Isolators

Filter Dryer Isolators

Roller Compactor Isolators

Sampling & Dispensing Isolators

Reactor Charging Isolators

Fluid Bed Drying Isolators

Granulation & Milling Isolators

Compression Tablet Press & Encapsulation Isolators

Vacuum Tray Drying Isolators