Aircraft parts manufactured to the highest standard, rigorously tested, precision engineered parts for aircraft.

Single or small batch quantities of aircraft parts and reverse engineering projects are treated with the same urgency and precision as high-end jobs and test jobs are encouraged, as a demonstration of our capabilities as a certified EASA Part 21 (G) production organization.

TEG is an approved EASA Part 21(G) production organization and AS 9100 Rev B for machined aircraft parts that you can call upon at short notice and be confident of a quick response.

Innovative, precise and flexible

Delivering your products on time, competitively, with minimum downtime

  • Metallic and non-metallic machined parts, produced using the very latest and up to date technology.
  • Structural and Commodity Components
  • Raw Billet to Fully Finished Assemblies

TEG manufactures both large and small batch sizes, and can also assist in:

  • Legacy parts for aircraft
  • Service kits for modification to aircraft
  • Aircraft on the ground situations
  • On-site assessments and assignments