Advantages of Needle Movement Stations

Needle movement station is the machine used optionally with the table top filling machine or the other machines. It is very useful machine as it contains the high speed and accuracy. The needle movement station is controlled by a PLC and operated through the touch panel HMI.  This filling system can be used for variety Pharma containers, such as vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, etc. The filling needle or nozzle dives rapidly into the container and the filling cycle starts when the needle has reached its lowest position. The needles lifts slowly during the filling cycle and maintains a constant distance between the needle tip and the liquid fill level in order to minimize splashing and foaming.


Advantages of Needle Movement

  • All stainless steel and plastics exterior, suitable for pharmaceutical sterilization procedures
  • Specifically designed for use with our FSP and FSR or other filling machines
  • High speed and accuracy capabilities
  • Integrated servo drive
  • Prepared for full integration into pharmaceutical liquid filling machines
  • Easy to clean, sealed exterior


WHY TO USE Colanar’s Needle Movement station?

  • Colanar is developing the latest quality of machines which are fully Automatic filling and closing machine which is of type FSV.
  • Colanar is specialized in advanced level of liquid filling and closing system.
  • Colanar’s experience in design and development of filling and packageing equipments is more then decades.
  • Colanar innovative solution is dedicated in offering the new and innovative solution for the life science industries in pharmaceutical and biotechnical department.