Advantages of Dense Phase Conveying Machine

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System is a high-pressure, low-speed framework that moves abrasive or friable materials, at slow speed. Dense phase conveying moves material in a slower but more concentrated manner. The dense phase system will be designed to move material in a strand, slug or fluidized mode depending on the nature of the material and the plant configuration.

The Dense phase conveying has no leakage and is absolutely gas tight. With dense phase conveying systems, the transport of bulk solids is possible from short distances up to long distances of several hundred meters. It is used in an instant product  from spray drier and many more application were their.


  • It is very easy and gentle handling of fragile products.
  • There is very minimum amount of material degradation.
  • Here in dense phase conveying the control in Air flow is taken care of by the Gericke nozzle.
  • Long conveying distances up to 500m and capacity up to 150 m3/hr.
  • Absence of rotating parts eliminates the danger of metal contamination and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Air leakage is also very less due to the gas and air tight system.

Why to use Gericke’s Dense phase conveying machine?

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