A Perfect Checkweighers Machines of Wipotech OCS

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. Checkweighers can be used with metal detectors and X-ray machines to enable other attributes of the pack to be checked and acted upon accordingly. The dynamic checkweighers of the HC-M series provide the perfect weighing technology for challenging medium range check weighing applications. They are the link to the series EC-E and HC-A scales and provide up to 250 weight values per minute for the complete medium range. It provides 100% product checks in accordance with national prepackage regulations. The base frame is made of solid stainless steel and enables high precision weight determination at average to high conveyor speeds or throughput rates

Advantages of Checkweighers

  • Checkweighers of the HC-M series gives the maximum throughput of about 250 ppm/min.
  • Checkweighers gives the exact fill result for higher productivity.
  • Checkweighers were very easy to use because it contains very user friendly controls.
  • It is very efficient in work.
  • Checkweighers machine are available according to the requirements.
  • It is very helpful in pouring the exact amount of the materials in any of the products.
  • Requirements-based modularity for the greatest flexibility.

Why to choose Checkweighers of Wipotech OCS?

⦁          Wipotech is producing innovative and dependable partners for the high performance of the manufacturing of unique products.

⦁          Wipotech is developing a highly flexible Checkweighers machine that is reliable and easy to operate by the customers.

⦁          Wipotech has successfully integrated state of the art OEM integration solution into packaging machines.

⦁          All the Wipotech OCS products and integration solutions are developed with higher skill engineers.

⦁          Wipotech – OCS is an ISO certified and authorized one for the conformity evaluation according to module D of the ‘Measuring Instruments Directive’ (MID, 2014/32/EU).