3P’s Capsule Filling Machines- Application and Advantages

The name itself suggests to us that this is the machine that is used for the filling purpose of the capsule. It is also known as encapsulation. It is a mechanical device used to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of various sizes with powders, granules, semi-solids, or liquids substances containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or a mixture of active drug substances and excipients. This process of filling empty capsules with substances is termed encapsulation. There are two types of capsule filler were their hard-shelled capsules and soft-shelled capsules. Capsule filling machines are commonly used for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes. Millions of capsules are filled with the help of different capsule filling machine. There comes an automatic capsule filling machine and a semi-automatic capsule filling machine. Firstly the orientation of the capsule starts and then powder filling and finally the capsule is closed.

Advantages of Capsule filling machine

  • Capsule filling machines are very simple and easy to operate.
  • The capsule fillers ensure unlimited capsule filling possibilities.
  • It is giving us excellent cost-benefit ratios and easily maintained.
  • It maintains reliability and efficiency.
  • They have flexible and adaptable settings that improve the production of capsules.
  • Capsule filler always enhanced the security of the data.

Application of Capsule filling machine:

  • Capsule filling is used for the tablet and powder filling.
  • It is also used in the pellets and granules filling.
  • Capsule filling is also used in the liquid and combination of different product filling.

Why choose 3P’s Capsule filling machine:

      3P innovation ltd offers the standard technologies and machine platform which help customers develop and commercialize new product fasters.

⦁        3P innovation ltd manufactures the products at a lower cost and lower risk.

⦁        It is also specialized in medical device assembly and test and capsule filling machine.

⦁        3P is providing a wide range of products and solutions. It is manufacturing the best quality of the product.

⦁        3P offers a range of time and money-saving standard equipment that adds significant value to some of the world’s largest Pharma industries.