Custom Designed 2D Mixer with Muhr Spraying System

Your Perect Mixer

Custom-designed 2D mixer with Muhr Spraying System, automatic container change for 2 different container sizes and scissor lift table to clamp the containers and to remove the integrated liquid tank. All functions are monitored with multiple redundancy.

2D mixer with Muhr Spraying SystemModular free-fall mixers in 2D or 3DS configuration
As a container-, drum-, hopper- or laboratory mixer
For all types of materials, for every industry – from pharmaceuticals to cement
Available with integrated Turbo Deagglomerator and/or Spraying System!

Our standard is your standard. We build your mixer according to your specifications

You do not buy anything you do not want and you do not give up anything you would like to have. No compromises, no gimmicks. Simply efficient.

We have never built two identical mixers for two different customers – because two different customers have never had identical requirements. Muhr mixers are modular in design.

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