2D Mixer | 2D Mixing Systems

The mixing principle of the Muhr 2D mixer is based on two-dimensional motion dynamics. This particularly cost-effective mixing system is able to process your mixture in stationary or exchangeable containers.

Mixing containers in sizes from 50 to 20,000 litres possible. Full flexibility with maximum cost-efficiency.



Excellent cost effectiveness & flexibility

Advantage of mixing container

No cross contamination

No segregation

Efficiency : The direct application of different mixing containers ensures less downtime than would occur with conventional systems due to cleaning or filling and emptying. Save process steps: Thus you can work faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

Particularly Gentle : The use of mixing tools or agitators can be omitted, regardless of density, size, shape and quantity. Thus sensitive products are also protected even with lengthy mixing processes.

Favourable Price/Performance Ratio : Different, demanding mixing results require different solutions. Regardless of which Muhr mixer you choose, all of the systems have one thing in common: Efficiency, quality and an extremely impressive price/performance ratio.

Application advantages

Simplest Operation of The Mixing Programs

Alongside the standard mixing programs already provided for you, you can change the mixing programs yourself simply at any time or even create individually adapted programs

Reproducible Mixing Results
Since the mixing programs can be saved, you can call these up at any time and reproduce the desired mixing results.

Particularly Reliable
Muhr mixers are extremely robust and low-maintenance thanks to their high quality and well thought out design.

As flexible as your individual requirements. Load the mixer from 3 sides: Front, back and/or above. With forklift truck, lift truck or crane. Fully automatic feeding, e.g. with roller conveyors, is also possible as an alternative.

Individual Designs
Manufactured in stainless steel • Automatic lifting and locking device • Product levelling • Cutter heads for agglomerate dissolution • GMP certification in design, construction and manufacturing.

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