Weighing and Metal detection Machine- An innovative Solution

  The Metal Detectors and Check Weighing Machines provide superior reliable product inspection, measuring exact product weights and detecting metallic contaminants. It is very helpful in reducing the time and the cost of performing manual inspections.  The combination checkweigher and metal detector system provides an all-in-one system delivering both high accuracy weighing and metal detection [...]

Benefits of Aseptic Isolators

An isolator is an arrangement of physical barriers that are integrated to the extent that the isolator can be sealed in order to carry out a routine leak test based on pressure to meet specified limits. An aseptic isolator protects the product from contaminants in the environment. Positive pressure is maintained in the isolator in order to ensure that particles from the setup [...]

Advance Aseptic Solution – RABS

RAB stands for Restricted Access barrier system. It is an effective alternative to isolators and clean rooms where protection from contaminants is of paramount importance. A Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) is an advanced aseptic processing system that can be utilized for many applications in a fill-finish area. To successfully implementing the RAB, companies must [...]

Down-Flow Booth – Its uses and advantages

The down-flow booth provides the highest levels of operator protection from potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during manual powder handling operations such as sampling, charging, and dispensing. The booths utilize a unidirectional flow of air which is passed through ceiling-mounted distribution screens or HEPA filters ensuring a controlled flow of air. This airflow can be [...]

Vacuum Conveyor and Its Usage

The powder material needs to be transferred in a network of tubing from the pickup point or source to the customer’s process in industries. Here the work comes of Vacuum conveyor. Vacuum conveying solutions have been designed to assist in loading and refilling processes, driven by venturi ejector. Most Vacuum Conveying System transfer product based [...]

Advantages of X-ray inspection Machine

X-ray systems can detect broken, faulty and missing items. X-ray inspection systems ensure product safety and integrity for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products at the end of the production line and before being shipped. The SC-V model of the Wipotech -OCS represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities [...]