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  Servolift : Material handling system

Servolift is a leader in material handling, serving the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetics and Food industries since 1976. Servolift offers complete transportation, handling and blending technologies for all kinds of pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

The development and manufacturing of Blenders, Lifters, Mobile Units, Pharmaceutical-Containers as well as special solutions according to customized requirements, are the focus of attention thereby. It offers from containers up to Roller Conveyers as well as Rotary Pocket Feeder extensive fitting and special mounting parts for all devices and products.

SERVOLIFT is also one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for free-fall blenders and offers customized solutions for all container forms for blending powder and granulators.


SERVOLIFT offers solutions for every possible blending task including a wide array of desktop, portable and production-sized bin blending systems in stationary, mobile and lifter configurations. The delivery program includes standard bins as well as customer specific storage and transport bins any design and capacities from 10 litres up to 6.000 litres. The product portfolio offers small Laboratory Blenders and 2-axle-Blenders up to the huge Bin-Blenders for the best possible blending results.


Mini-Batch Blenders
SERVOLIFT Mini-Batch Blenders are especially designed for small quantities or on-demand blends.
The blender is the miniaturized design of the large production blender, equipped with the same characteristic and operation possibilities.
The mobile chassis is optimal suitable for the application at various locations.

Mini-Batch Blender with bin
flexible receiver unit
compact construction with
integrated operation
blending in smallest possible space with installed
protection casing

SERVOLIFT Handling Systems are developed for the universal application of the most different bins. They are cGMP-compatible and comply with all valid EN safety regulations.

The ideal application area is e.g. the exact positioning of bins or containers above a tablet press. They are space saving because of their lean design and additionally are characterised through the simple handling and easy cleaning as a result of smooth surfaces.

• loading capacities up to 4.000 kg
• various customer specific designs
• dust protection through cover band at the lifter
• telescopable lift arm possible
• cGMP/FDA-compatible design in stainless steel
• assembly in all potentially explosive areas according RL 94/4/EG (ATEX 95)
• various bin and container supports possible
• low maintenance construction


SL 250
Lifting, transporting and tilting drums and bins is a typical task especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in food manufacture. SERVOLIFT, the original handling system, has been manufactured for approximately 30 years. It provides decisive advantages thanks to its two arms: unhindered view in the transport materials, exact and safe operation, uncompromising compliance with all hygiene requirements as well as a higher degree of reliability  and cost effectiveness.

  • Unhindered view on transport materials
    Load up to 350 kg
  • Explosion protected 3GD or 2GD, even with electric drive
  • Lifting up to 3,800 mm
  • GMP-conform design, easy to clean and completely constructed of  stainless steel
  • Fast and easy replacement of the gripping tong systems for various drum and bin types
  • Space-saving thanks to compact design
  • Maximum maneuverability in cramped spaces
  • Can be used almost everywhere thanks to slight weight
  • Clamping pressure can be set individually
  • Expandable variants for manual moving, shaft coupling or traction drive
  • Simple operation thanks to international pictograms
Strong, maneuverable and easy to operate: the new SL 250

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