Toolings and Change parts

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  • Blister Pack Tooling

    Offering a full solution when it comes to blister packaging tooling and cartoning tooling. TEG supply blister tooling for all thermoforming and cold forming, continuous and intermittent lines. Change parts for Uhlmann, IMA, Marchesini, Partena, Mediseal, Famar, Oyster, Romaco, Ilsemann and many more.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Capsule filling parts

    Better Than OEM OUR components are BETTER than the OEM's, and here's why... We routinely analyse the current failures of your existing parts, determine the root causes and offer strategic design and material improvements that are guaranteed to make your equipment run better and more efficiently than ever before. We will work with you to get your equipment running the way you need it to run flawlessly. We have the benefit of 20/20 hind sight with over 25 years of precision machine parts experience. We have access to the latest materials and processes to improve performance. We keep a close watch on industry regulations and requirements. We manufacture parts on the most technologically-advanced machinery available. If the part you need is not listed in our website catalog, simply contact us directly to arrange for a no charge engineering consultation. Our highly-qualified team will reverse-engineer and, more importantly, "VALUE-ENGINEER" your parts for you to fit your needs and Once we have the design and/or improvements, we send the sample and the drawings to our production team to estimate a production cost. A quote will then be sent to you for review. There is no obligation to purchase. Upon your first order, we can then stock your parts for future orders, upon request. We make it that easy! Bosch Kamata Rimek IMA MG Shionogi Index P + AM Zanasi   Download Product Catalogue

  • Pharmaceutical Spare Parts for Filling Machines – Ampoule -Vials Line

    Mpa Technical Devices can Design and Manufacture Filling / Rinsing / Flushing / Gassing Needles for Custom Applications, and Replacement Needles for the Following Brands of Machinery: Filling Needles Dosing Pumps Feeders Manifolds Format Parts and Protection Bausch + Ströbel - Bausch Stroebel Advanced Technologies: Mar BOC Edwards - Calumatic Bosch - TL Chase-Logeman Cozzoli Watson-Marlow Flexicon Groninger Ima Life - Farmomac Inova Pkb Marchesini - Corima – Neri M&O Perry Rota National Instrument – Filamatic Optima Dara Pharma Truking Tofflon Romaco Service: Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel or Plastic Materials and Ketron Peek®. Made-to- measure Design – Custom Made Service. Made in a Single Block and/or Laser or Tig Welding. Super Finishing – Internal Surface of Tubes Worked in Honing Machine RA -0.4 µm. Roughness Report Test Mitutoyo SJ-410®. All types can be produced: Flat Tip, Scoop Tip, Needles with Tip Shaped Like a Double Flaute Mouthpiece, Anti-Drip Tips, Multi-Holes Tips etc. Polished Surfaces and Complete Decontamination and Passivation. Ultrasonic washing and Final Cleaning in Conformity NSF and FDA for Food and Pharmaceutical Processing. Traceability Documents of Materials and Treatments in Full Conformity UNI EN 10204 3.1. Laser Marking – Permanent Identification. Respect for Good Manufacturing Processes: GMP. All needles can be repaired replacing the old damaged tubes.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Punches and Dies

    I Holland have been providing technically advanced, high-end tabletting solutions for a long time and we are proud of our reputation. The same high quality steel and exacting standards are applied to every tabletting tool we manufacture. We focus all our experience and manufacturing know-how on precision engineering the very best tool for the tablet that is being produced. We don't sell tabletting tools from stock, every single punch and die we manufacture is bespoke and 1600 units per day are carefully crafted within our factory to meet the specific requirements of the product that you are producing. With I Holland shaped tablet tooling products, interchangeability comes as standard. Our machining techniques mean the position of the keyway relative to the punch tips is extremely accurate resulting in reduced tooling set-up and re-tooling times; even allowing for random loading of upper punches and spares.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Tooling and Changeparts

    I Holland have been providing technically advanced, high-end tabletting solutions for a long time and we are proud of our reputation. The same high-quality steel and exacting standards are applied to every tabletting tool we manufacture.  Download Product Catalogue