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  • Aseptic fill2 weight

    100% weight verification Adapts to changing powder properties 2.5mg – 500mg+ RSD 1-3% Versatile: Cohesive powders, Free flowing powders, Delicate biologics , High potency, Freeze-dried and spray-dried Aseptic CIP / WIP / HPV Scalable: Lab - clinical - production Devices, Capsules, Vials, Cartridges, Blisters…   Download Product Catalogue

  • Bi layer tablet press

    In the pharmaceuticals industry, the RoTab Bilayer has been used successfully for years in the development of mono- and bi-layer tablets, in which the tablet press concerned is the most compact, full-value, bi-layer, rotary press on the market offering comprehensive R&D and production functionality. The mobile, compact unit weighs a mere 1,300 kg. The RoTab Bilayer is thus frequently used for the production of small- to medium-sized batches such as those needed for clinical trials.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Blister-Semi automatic Fantasy plus

    FANTASY PLUS blistering machine, with its practical and compact shape, is suited for the production of industrial quality blisters for clinical trials, stability testing, marketing samples and small batches to carry out in R&D Laboratories or pharmaceutical plants. This innovative blister machine, equipped with PLC and printer, can produce from pre-cut foils high quality blisters both in plastic material with aluminum or different covering, and ALU-ALU (Tropical). Operations such as thermoforming of plastic material, cold forming, sealing/coding/perforation and blister die cutting are carried out on the same machine due to a rapid and simple change of tools and without extra keys or experienced staff. The standard output is 4 blisters mm100x60 per stroke in plastic material with aluminum covering, and for ALU-ALU it’s 1 blister per cycle with max dimension mm 155x80. On demand, tailor-made projects can be developed according to the customer’s real needs, manufacturing moulds with different blister dimension/configuration/quantity.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Lab Dosator

    Low-volume (5mg – 1g) filling of capsules, blisters, inhalers, vials, cartridges, syringes Pre-clinical and clinical manufacturing Screen new blends and NCE’s off-line Suitable for use in Down-Flow Booths Weigh cell and data capture Instrumented to capture compaction and ejection data for process understanding and optimisation Force versus Displacement (Energy)   Download Product Catalogue

  • Laboratory Blender

    Laboratory blenders are ideal for producing small batches under production conditions. This is possible through the container’s geometry, which is adapted from the large production blender. The knowledge gained from blending tests creates a reliable basis for later manufacturing. Parameters such as RPM and time can therefore be varied. Compact blender, ideal for product and process development. Operate on a control or touch panel. Design and geometric relationships correspond to the large production blenders. Download Product Brochure

  • Manual Blister Packing Machine

    Maxi-Pack is a sealing machine manufactured to satisfy the packaging requirements in the pharmacy. In fact, with Maxi-Pack the pharmacist can package capsules and tablets of different sizes with great facility and easiness. The machine seals and codes per stroke two blisters mm 90x70, which are already preformed, sealed on a side and cut with round angles in one unique operation. These industrial quality blisters, supplied by O.M.A.R. in 7 standard formats, allow, once filled with the product and totally sealed, a perfect centering of the Aluminum foil on the PVC blister and a perfect sealing result. The mechanics of the machine develops a pressure of about 1500 Kg, which ensures an excellent sealing performance and enables the operator to work with ease. On demand, it is possible to manufacture with a contribute moulds and preformed blisters having internal configuration and external dimensions different from O.M.A.R. standard formats.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Manual De-Blistering machine

    The de-blistering machine S40 is equipped with fast adjusting systems for changing formats. On the small truck where all the moulds are positioned, you can insert one or more blisters with max. dimensions 125X95 mm. The loading of blisters is manual and the format change is extremely simple. On the upper part of the machine the mechanic system develops approx. 1500 Kg pressure and through a mechanic lever it acts on the mould to let the pocket pressing system descend, thus extracting the product which falls into a bin located under the workstation. Completely in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, the de-blistering machine S40 with its new design is the smallest and most economic manual market machine with formats change. Fast format change, low cost of format set for every kind of blister.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Micro Auger

    Gravimetric or volumetric High accuracy:

  • Non Destructive Analytical system for Pharmaceuticals

    The TAS7500 series is a family of compact and multipurpose terahertz spectroscopic / imaging systems. Utilizing the unique properties of the terahertz region (0.1 – 10.0THz) of the electromagnetic spectrum, these systems perform non-destructive analysis of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, communications materials, etc., without requiring a specially constructed analysis environment. Speed and ease of operation are the hallmarks of Advantest’s terahertz analysis systems. In addition to industrial applications, the TAS7500 series is also an optimal choice for terahertz – related research, leveraging Advantest’s high-precision detection technology to provide best-in- class sampling performance. Application Example TAS7500IM TAS7500SP TAS7500SL TAS7500SU Measurement of coating thickness - - - Measurement of pharmaceutical tablet - - - Measurement of pharmaceutical product - - Measurement of terahertz communications - - -   Download Product Catalogue

  • Robotic Capsule filler

    Designed for ‘next generation’ powders Novel, spray-dried, encapsulated, engineered particles Minimal powder required – 2 to 5 g Scalable: Lab to Clinical to Commercial Fully automated and highly flexible Fast changeover – limited change parts Output – up to 500 or up to1000 c.p.h 1 or 2 Fill2Weight heads 2.5 mg to 500mg Capsule Sizes 000 to 5 Flexible - Other drug containers possible e.g. vials, blisters, novel drug containers Fully GMP compliant 21CFR11 compliant   Download Product Catalogue


    CI Precision SADE SP weight sortersare made in the UK and for over 4 decades have been used by the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Individually weighing tablets, capsules and soft gels to high accuracy at speed, they meet requirements for R&D, production and batch saving. Laboratory benchtop model: Ideal for formulation and clinical trial batches Benchtop convenience Accuracy of up to 0.5mg Sorts tablets, capsules and soft gels of different shapes and sizes Eliminates the need for manual weighing. Data is automatically recorded Optional mini hopper available (shown in picture) which means the machine can be left unattended for long periods Weight uniformity of formulation batches Fast clean down   Download Product Catalogue

  • SADE SP440

    Floor standing models There are a range of these available, suitable for R&D production batches and larger batches. These machines are wheel mounted and can be moved around the factory floor. Ideal for 100% weight sorting of large scale clinical trial batches and small-scale production. Floor standing Weight Range: Up to 2g Balance Readability: 0.1mg Reproducibility: User selectable +-2mg / +-1mg 22,000 products per hour (slightly less at +-1mg) 500,000 products in one day Can be used for tablets, capsules and soft gels. No modifications/change parts necessary for different sizes and shapes Round, flat, oblong, caplet + Tablets with break points + Uncoated, dusty tablets Handles capsule sizes: 00, 0, 1, 1el, 2, 2el, 3, 4, 4el, 5 (00el and 000 on request) 12-14 hours of unattended operation, depending on size of product Includes a 160 litre bulk hopper   Download Product Catalogue

  • Single layer Tablet press

    The tablet press designed specifically for the R&D and small-series sectors – batch sizes from 50 g to 50 kg – is mobile, needs little space in the development laboratories and can simply be moved to other deployment locations. The fact that more than 50 RoTab T 2.0 are installed worldwide speaks for itself.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Table-top Powder compaction system

    Includes in-die and out-of- die analysis software including: Dynamic Powder Compaction capability for complete material. Testing. Dwell time control: 100 ms – 60 s in 10 ms increments. Tablet detachment and ejection with full profiles. Benchtop compaction analysis including in-die. And out-of- die measurements with dwell time control.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Unit Dosage filling and sealing

    Semi-Automatic equipment for the filling and sealing of injected pre-molded strips of unit dose. Pharmaceutical product: unit-dose drops for eyes, nose, ears, oral vaccines, solutions for aerosol, disinfectant, solution for cleaning contact lenses, Diagnostic reagents, etc. Cosmetic products: unit dose for ointments and creams, unit dose without preservatives for mascara, eye shadow, for products for skin and hair treatment etc. The new patented welding method is the result of stringent research and testing which allows the possibility to operate on a flat shaped and fin ended design, without angels and burrs which is an important consideration in the event that the strips are subsequently “pouched”, together with the possibility of obtaining positive and sound welding for liquids, ointments and creams. The machine performs the simultaneous filling of the strips by 5 dosing nozzles and then the welding and the shaping of the extreme portion of the tube through a patented system. (After the welding extremely is not trimmed). The strips are manually positioned into the buckets. The operating cycle is semi- automatic and takes place on a guide which brings the buckets underneath the working stations.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Vertical form fill and seal machine ( Lab size)

    BY machine is indicated to form, fill and seal three side stick packs from 7 lanes to 1 lane, depending on stick's width. Standard version is available from 17mm and 7 lanes to 45 mm and 3 lanes. BY model is designed for small and medium output or as a laboratory equipment, suitable for dosing powders, granulates, solids, liquids and pasty products depending on additional accessories.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Vibratory Feeder

    Increasing productivity in the Lab Low-volume (5mg – 1g) filling of capsules, blisters, inhalers, vials, cartridges, syringes Pre-clinical and clinical manufacturing Adjustable feed rate (2 x piezo) Improved dose accuracy Improved cleanliness - reduces spills Suitable for use in Down-Flow Booths Weigh cell and data capture Integrates into automated line   Download Product Catalogue