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  • Automatic Blister packing machine

    The new version Plus of the blistering machine model BF50 comes with a well-define arrangement to capture the market of small laboratory packaging and to assure a valued help without limits inside packaging divisions for medium production. Compact and multi-function the new Version Plus shows all the features already present on the BF50 Standard but with more capacity for the production control. The new Verison Plus, in fact, in addition to the bigger format of the blister brings to 150x100mm for a depth’s pocket of mm 20 and the increase of the loading area ready to put at the beginning a manual charger of the product with a wide tray in Stainless 316L. To automate the product’s loading, it is possible to put an universal charger FULL BOX with rotating brushes with a wide area to load the product. On request also a dedicated charger for CPR and CPS. Inside the most complete version of BF50 could not miss the predisposition or the pinhole control for ALU ALU blister placed after the cold forming station. Furthermore on the version Plus could be placed also the vision system control to check full blister, in addition to the color, dimension, position, double product inside the pockets. BF 50 PLUS is a COMPACT BLISTERING MACHINE flexible and versatile for a packaging of high quality guaranteed from a Company leader in the pharma market from more than 30 years. To support this quality O.M.A.R. ensures a post sales service supported from all the agencies present in the 35 worldwide countries; choose one of our product means ensure quality at your packaging.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Automatic De-blistering machine

    The new diagonal loading line allows the stock placed directly on the F160 to load automatically blisters with max. Dimensions mm 120x150. At the machine’s starting, F160 charges the blister automatically and starts the un-destructive blister recovery cycle; the product is recovered by tools adaptable to every format, product and dimension. With the new de blistering machine Simpaty F160 the product is ejected through a mechanic system without any kind of damage; this way the product can be recovered and immediately reused or disposed of. With the de blistering machine Simpaty F160 it is possible to de blister blisters with up 7 pocket rows; the de blistering machine F160 is equipped with all tools necessary to cut the blister covering material prior to the product ejection, thus making this process easier. The ejected product slides into a hopper for its recovery, the pressed blister falls on a chute opposite to the hopper, thus getting divided. Both of them will set into transparent PET-G bins. The de blistering machine F160 recovers pharmaceutical products such as hard and soft gelatin capsules, multi-shaped tablets, almonds, candies, chewing-gums and so on. The de-blistering machine F160 de-blisters blisters in plastic material and alu-alu with hard aluminum covering or not highly resistant materials.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Check weigher: upto 150 Speed per minute

    Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production. Capable of 150 weight values per minute, the EC-E is the right choice for you. The intuitive user interface ensures convenient operation via a clearly structured, 8-inch colour touchscreen. The EC-E checkweigher precisely weighs each individual product, records individual values, and ejects incorrect weight packages via the fully automated sorter. Your data is correctly and completely collected and you have the certainty that only factory compliant products leave your production halls. The checkweighers ease of use virtually excludes all incorrect entries.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Checkweigher: up to 250 speed per minute

    The dynamic checkweighers of the HC-M series provide the perfect weighing technology for challenging medium range checkweighing applications. They are the link to the series EC-E and HC-A scales and provide up to 250 weight values per minute for the complete medium range. The HC-M is the most convenient answer, whether you need to check the current actual weight or perform a completeness check, or a sort, or a classification. The base frame is made of solid stainless steel and enables high precision weight determination at average to high conveyor speeds or throughput rates and provides 100% product checks in accordance with national pre-package regulations. The lightweight, patented conveyor system and carefully tuned drive concept ensure smooth, fast and safe transport. A sophisticated and wide range of sorters (pusher, air blast, etc.) are available for the reliable ejection of products having an incorrect weight, without interfering with the production.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Checkweigher: up to 600 Speed per minute

    In terms of precision and throughput, checkweighers of the HC-A series are the logical response to meet the demands of modern, dynamic weighing technology. The machines provide the controls and engineering to create the ideal platform for implementing the complex regulation and control tasks. The HC-A is the basis for high end application-oriented systems that provide a maximum of 600 values per minute with 100% product monitoring. This model significantly extends the application possibilities of the WIPOTEC-OCS product line and completes our versatile product range, especially for high-end applications. In particular, the advanced solid stainless steel frame ensures extremely accurate weighing results at very high transport speeds or throughput rates. The modular design facilitates the implementation of custom solutions for a variety of product geometries and forms. The sophisticated and wide selection of sorters (pusher, air blast, etc.) is designed to reliably eject products with incorrect weights with respect to packaging. The HC-A is characterised by its comprehensive product handling. For example, the top runner belts safely perform acceptance and acceleration of folded cartons just as the metering screw and lateral pressure belts safely separates and accelerates vials and bottles. The HC-A supports your efforts to minimise costly overfilling with a number of optional functions.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Manual Blister packing machine

    Maxi-Pack is a sealing machine manufactured to satisfy the packaging requirements in the pharmacy. In fact, with Maxi-Pack the pharmacist can package capsules and tablets of different sizes with great facility and easiness. The machine seals and codes per stroke two blisters mm 90x70, which are already preformed, sealed on a side and cut with round angles in one unique operation. These industrial quality blisters, supplied by O.M.A.R. in 7 standard formats, allow, once filled with the product and totally sealed, a perfect centering of the Aluminum foil on the PVC blister and a perfect sealing result. The mechanics of the machine develops a pressure of about 1500 Kg, which ensures an excellent sealing performance and enables the operator to work with ease. On demand, it is possible to manufacture with a contribute moulds and preformed blisters having internal configuration and external dimensions different from O.M.A.R. standard formats. Download Product Brochure

  • Manual De-Blistering machine

    The de-blistering machine S40 is equipped with fast adjusting systems for changing formats. On the small truck where all the moulds are positioned, you can insert one or more blisters with max. dimensions 125X95 mm. The loading of blisters is manual and the format change is extremely simple. On the upper part of the machine the mechanic system develops approx. 1500 Kg pressure and through a mechanic lever it acts on the mould to let the pocket pressing system descend, thus extracting the product which falls into a bin located under the workstation. Completely in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, the de-blistering machine S40 with its new design is the smallest and most economic manual market machine with formats change. Fast format change, low cost of format set for every kind of blister.

  • Semi-Automatic Blister packing machine

    FANTASY PLUS blistering machine, with its practical and compact shape, is suited for the production of industrial quality blisters for clinical trials, stability testing, marketing samples and small batches to carry out in R&D Laboratories or pharmaceutical plants. This innovative blister machine, equipped with PLC and printer, can produce from pre-cut foils high quality blisters both in plastic material with aluminum or different covering, and ALU-ALU (Tropical). Operations such as thermoforming of plastic material, cold forming, sealing /coding/perforation and blister die cutting are carried out on the same machine due to a rapid and simple change of tools and without extra keys or experienced staff. The standard output is 4 blisters mm100x60 per stroke in plastic material with aluminum covering, and for ALU-ALU it’s 1 blister per cycle with max dimension mm 155x80. On demand, tailor-made projects can be developed according to the customer’s real needs, manufacturing moulds with different blister dimension/configuration/quantity.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Tablet Feeding System / Dispensing

    Recommendation of the best feeder for your project. Test tubes/tracks and 3D simulations can also be supported. Onsite test rigs that can accommodate all feeders for testing intermittently or continuous, depending on the end users requirements. Offering all types of feeding systems depending on the machine and product requirements. We supply Dedicated Feeders, Gating Feeders, Universal Feeders, Vibratory feeders and many more. Read the technical sheet below which summarises the technical issues to be considered when designing a new format. It will help you and your marketing team design the best format which optimises your OEE while meeting the marketing and regulatory requirements for the product. In addition to NG Feeder System we produce feeders for other equipment such as; Tablet Packaging Learn more about what types of tablets are difficult to feed and why, along with the suitability of various feeding systems for tablets/capsules, for your tablet filling machine then subscribe for our free technical paper. NG Feeder Efficient/affordable feeding of solid dose products. The feeding system plays a key role in the packaging process. It determines the output speed and governs the efficiency of the complete line. The right solution for each and every product is crucial to cost efficient production. The NG Feeder can handle the difficult products too! NG stands for Next Generation Feeder. This feeder is based on our years of complex tablet feeding experience, since the introduction of the EMF1 in 1992. It incorporates the highest level of technology for reliable high volume production as well as many innovations to improve efficiency, ease of use and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With the NG Feeder the products are placed individually into the formed pockets. It can handle products such as triangular, difficult bi-convex, heart shaped and irregular shaped products. These would normally be impossible with other feeding systems. The type of forming material is also not a problem as the NG feeder feeds one product precisely each time and eliminates any damage that the weight of products can have on the delicate aluminium.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Track and Trace

    TQS-BP is perfectly equipped for the simple implementation of the first aggregation level. The system enables the serial numbers from multiple single packages to be combined to form one unique serial number for the set. The model has a format independent transport and reading system. The bundles are received directly from the bundler or, can also be manually introduced. The machine‘s intelligent code ID provides optimal flexibility, even with any eventual variations in geometry. Regardless of whether the packaged sets are rounded by stretch wrapping, shrink wrapped, or fully overwrapped, they can be reliably and safely read by means of the optional UV camera.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Weighing and Metal Detection

    Weighing and metal detection in one integrated unit If high precision weighing of your products is not enough and you require an additional reliable inspection formetallic impurities, you need the HC-M- MDi. This machine is a high-tech combination scale and metal detector, together in one compact unit that sets the quality standard in terms of product safety. The entire system is controlled via the menu-driven, user-friendly controls of the checkweigher. The central controlpoint conveniently manages the product parameters, protocols, and production statistics. Naturally, you will find all of the conventional performance characteristicsof metal detectors (for example, product tracking, compensating for the product effect, FPV compliance checks, etc.), provided in the HC-M- MDi. This model is ahigh-precision weighing instrument and fully integrated metal detector all in one compact unit.   Download Product Catalogue

  • X-ray and optical inspection in a compact unit

    The SC-V model represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities by means of the high performance X-ray scanner with additional optical control systems developed in-house at WIPOTEC-OCS. These control systems check the information as it appears on the products (ingredients, nutritional values, expiry date) for correctness and a flawless appearance regarding the proper positioning and readability of all labels and seals. Both inspection units – X-ray system and optical control – are combined in one space-saving design. In addition to the reliable detection of foreign bodies, the SC-V also guarantees the accurate and uniform appearance of your products. The model constitutes an outstanding inspection system that provides maximum safety and prevents costly recalls resulting from product contamination or incorrect labelling. This model has the same familiar and convenient user interface used in the checkweigher line. The system is controlled from a 15“ colour TFT display with touchscreen panel that always shows the current image. Designed for protection class IP65 with full stainless steel construction, the SC-V system features a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with C-shaped product area, enable thorough cleaning quickly and easily. This machine also meets the most stringent standards of hygiene.   Download Product Catalogue