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  • Laser Vision System Punch Inspection Machines

    Measuring is essential to ensure that tooling is manufactured and maintained within an agreed specification.It can be carried out manually using conventional equipment (micrometers, height gauges, go-no go gauges).Using the Approve® system's digital equipment and special software, data can be captured and analyzed via Windows based software.The condition of die bores can be measured using the Holland Die Condition Monitor.  Download Product Catalogue

  • Metal detectors

    The IQ3/IQ3+ Metal Detection series of complete conveyor systems are designed to inspect products for metal contaminants in the food and packaging industries.They can be purchased as a search head that can be integrated into a larger packaging line or as a standalone conveyor unit with automatic reject stations.This model comes complete with IP66 or IP69K Rating and multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage to maximise product inspection times.Working to a Code of Practice (COP)? – All Loma Machines can be spec’d to the latest COP’s of your choice from M&S to Sainsbury’s. Learn more about the codes of practices and what it means for your business.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Powder Inspection Machine

    The POIE-8000C Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Device combines the color processing technology developed for tablet inspection equipment with technology for screening powdered and granulated medicines for impurities, thereby boosting the precision with which colored foreign matter can be detected. This new device also allows for certain colors to be specified for the detection of foreign matter that color. The device also comes equipped with a “linear feature extraction processing function”, which facilitates the high-precision detection of fine fibers and hairs.With this new equipment, too, comes a marked increase in processing capacity thanks to the wide inspection conveyor belt that provides a stable, constant supply of sample material and the five-speed conveyor belt action (top speed is approximately 18m/minute).In addition, the exclusion mechanism employs a reliable rotary nozzle system. This ensures that accurate pinpoint suction is provided only around the foreign substance, thereby boosting the recovery ratio of quality product.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Tablet Inspection Machine (X ray)

    Industry’s first inspection machine for all solid formulations. Capable of inspecting materials such as stainless steel, glass and plastic which cannot be examined with a conventional inspection machine. Industry’s first X-ray tablet inspection machine. Detects objects as small as diameter. Detects even stainless steel or glass, not detectable by a metal detector. High performance (up to 800,000 tablets per hour). Can be connected to TIE-9000 series surface inspection machine. Inspection images can be stored.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Track and Trace

    Track & Trace is an individual identifying feature in the pharmaceutical sector and the key to guaranteeing the authenticity of medicines. The identification and complete traceability of originator medicines in the entire value chain combined with the tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes form the basis for unconditional trust on the part of consumers. As a response to the various national requirements, with the Traceable Quality System (TQS) we developed a highly flexible Track & Trace platform that offers our pharmaceutical customers a reliable, future-proof solution.The modular machine portfolio is aimed at the main applications of serialisation & weighing, Tamper-Evident and consistent aggregation of all relevant forms of packaging. In addition, we successfully integrate state-of-the-art OEM integration solutions into packaging machines. Perfect line integration is also supported by open, standardised interfaces and as a consequence unrestricted compatibility with existing machine and system components is achieved.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Visual Tablet Inspection

    This color visual tablet inspection equipment TIE-9500 was designed with a newly developed optical system, A.I.I. (An Individual Imaging optical system), which can take high resolution images. Compared to previous models, the inspection level was significantly improved, even microscopic smear, chipped and substances on tablet’s edging area can be detected. The camera section also contains newly developed high sensitivity color line-sensor cameras, which increased detection quality of colored defects with luminance, hue, purity and brightness. The TIE-9500 can contribute greatly to improving product quality, consistency and safety, as well as helping to improve overall production efficiency. Output Capacity (per 1 hour): TIE-9500 : up to 600,000 tablets TIE-9000 : up to 300,000 Download Product Brochure