Non Destructive Analytical system for Pharmaceuticals

The TAS7500 series is a family of compact and multipurpose terahertz spectroscopic / imaging systems. Utilizing the unique properties of the terahertz region (0.1 – 10.0THz) of the electromagnetic spectrum, these systems perform non-destructive analysis of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, communications materials, etc., without requiring a specially constructed analysis environment. Speed and ease of operation are the hallmarks of Advantest’s terahertz analysis systems. In addition to industrial applications, the TAS7500 series is also an optimal choice for terahertz – related research, leveraging Advantest’s high-precision detection technology to provide best-in- class sampling performance.

Application Example TAS7500IM TAS7500SP TAS7500SL TAS7500SU
Measurement of coating thickness
Measurement of pharmaceutical tablet
Measurement of pharmaceutical product
Measurement of terahertz communications

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