High-End Solutions for Containment Industry

When it comes to containment industry, we can say that India is back in the game now. It has seen superior growth and improvement than it was previously. Thanks to the transparent regulatory regime in India that has opened the doors for world-class players to look at India with expectations. India has the massive patient population and the cost of manufacturing is significantly low compared to other countries. It makes India a darling hub for the global containment industry. You will witness a perceptible growth in the next couple of years in the Indian containment industry evidently.

However, the scenario is not as simple and promising as it seems. There are a few challenges that need to be addressed. First and foremost thing is quality assurance. It is the primary thing that businesses look for in any organization. India clearly needs to set their bars high when it comes to quality assurance and control. If this issue is solved, India can be a major influencer in the world containment market.

The 2nd thing is research and development. India needs to invest more in R&D to make processes more streamlined and straightforward. More and more biotech start-ups must be supported to produce high-quality, superior and trendsetter products. Innovation is the key for any business to grow. Inos takes pride to bring an innovative approach to the Indian containment industry by offering quality products and scalable technology solutions to serve the industry.



  • Aseptic Isolator

    For a reliable, sterile environment for the processing of pharmaceutical products, you need a solution that provides uncompromised, total barrier isolation. Benefits of Aseptic Barrier Isolators Product protection: People are the biggest source of contamination in cleanrooms, even under optimal conditions, a gowned, motionless human may generate 100,000 particles per ft3/min. Aseptic barrier isolation technology offers the complete separation of personnel from the test sample ensuring pure protection for your products. Reduced Operational Costs: The complete separation of the internal and external environment means that the surrounding area can be operated at a much lower classification and consequently lower cost. • Smaller workspace footprint lowers utility costs • Automated decontamination process reduces cleaning costs • Reduced gowning & training costs • Effective alternative to cleanroom construction • Ergonomic space saving solution Download Product Brochure

  • Containment Cleaning Chamber

    This cleaning chamber has a special design, because the needed opening mechanism are integrated into the cleaning process. As a rule, it’s not possible to trigger containment by dismantling the double valve halves in front of the wash chamber. Thus this step must take place within the enclosed chamber. Servolift has developed a cleaning chamber for this which meets these special requirements. The needed opening mechanisms for the double valve system are found within the wash chamber. Cleaning media and drying air are fed from the underside through the opened double valve of the interior of the container. Also this chamber can be produced, like the cleaning chamber, in various designs.   Download Product Catalogue

  • Containment Isolator

    For a fully contained environment during active product handling, you need a solution that provides uncompromised total barrier isolation. Howorth designs and manufactures bespoke isolators, which combine containment levels of less than 1 μg/m3 with ergonomic and maintenance efficiency. To ensure total system integration, Howorth works in close co-operation with you, our customer. Particular attention is paid to the interface between the operator and your own process to ensure that all production and containment levels are fully achieved. Ergonomic Mock-ups We recommend the production of a full-scale model that allows the ergonomic aspects to be addressed in addition to the optimum placement of ancillary and process equipment. Following client review, any modifications can take place with progression into manufacture. Equipment Integration Howorth has earned a strong reputation within the industry for our innovative integration of process equipment within barrier isolation systems. We have worked on a wide range of successful equipment integration projects, both with end users and OEMs. Applications: • Dispensing and sub-division • Reactor Product Charging • Pack Off/Off Loading • Sampling & Heel Recovery • Solids Charging • Chemical synthesis • Mills & Granulators • Fluid Beds • Filter Dryers Download Product Brochure

  • Down Flow Booths

    Howorth’s Downflow Containment Booths are engineered to provide high levels of personnel protection, with the flexibility to enable a multitude of process operations to be carried out. Depending upon the application, two main configurations are used: Re-circulatory booths are typically used for powder operations. Once-through booths are recommended where solvent or fume vapours are present. Benefits and features: Flexibility - Howorth’s engineers will work with you to develop an airflow containment solution that meets your exacting requirements. Our inherently flexible systems, together with our experience of equipment integration, will allow you to meet your safety needs without having to compromise on process efficiency. Howorth booths not only give enhanced levels of operator protection but are fully configurable to meet the specific needs of our clients. Download Product Brochure

  • Dust Free FIBC Transfer System

    The Ezi-Dock™ Dust Free FIBC Transfer System is a completely unique and patent approved system for the safe & simple transfer of fine powders and granules. It is suitable for both filling and discharging of FIBCs/Big Bags. Creating a Dust Free connection takes seconds and is repeatable time after time. Both the integrity of the product and the exposure of the operator are protected during product loading or discharge. Companies in the EU must now follow guidelines to protect employees from explosion risk in areas with an explosive atmosphere. The ATEX Directive establishes safety principles for protection against the danger of explosion in the presence of flammable gas and/or dust. An important point of the legislation is about removing flammable dust. The Ezi-Dock™ Dust Free FIBC Transfer System can significantly assist in complying with the ATEX Directive and removing/reducing effective sources of ignition (dust cloud) created during product transfer. Download Product Brochure

  • Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 & CSV6

    The cornerstone of the Ezi-Dock™ High Containment solution is the Ezi-Flow™ CSV Transfer System. Available in Multi-use and Single use formats and 4 and 6 inch bores, the Ezi-Flow CSV breaks the mould, providing superb levels of containment at greatly reduced cost. Benefits and features: • High Containment Performance <1µg/m3 • Fast, Full-Bore Discharge • Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance • Fully Disposable Chargebag & Passive Connection • 4-5 times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives • Fast, Trouble-Free Supply Download Product Brochure

  • Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 All Plastic

    Launched in October 2014, the brand new all-plastic Ezi-Flow™ CSV All Plastic, Single-Use High Containment System provides a highly effective but simple and disposable transfer solution for the Pharma and Biopharma industries. Innovative design and construction provides the ultimate combination of high containment and low cost. Benefits and Features: • High Containment Performance <1µg/m3 (task based) • Fast, Full-Bore Discharge • Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance • Fully Disposable System • Many times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives • Fast, Trouble-Free Supply Download Product Brochure

  • Flexible Containment

    The Flexible Glovebag/Isolator is a soft walled containment system that can be used as an alternative to a hard walled isolator in many applications. Flexible wall isolators offer a high degree of protection for both the operator and the product. Howorth’s unique flexible approach can offer design, manufacture and delivery at an affordable price within optimum timescales. Depending upon the application, two main configurations are used: Flexible Construction Semi-flexible Construction Download Product Brochure

  • Futorque X-1 Tablet Press

    The all new Futorque X-1 is also available with containment. It is more flexible, quieter, more user friendly with "operation-by-process" control software and offers a max. Output of 108,000 tablets/h via impressive production capacities. Futorque X-1 thus meets many customer requirements in one. With its new flagship Futorque X-1, kg-pharma is offering an optimized rotary tablet press that sets new standards worldwide for R&D and production purposes. The system performance pays off from the preparation of clinical studies and orphan drugs all the way to medium-sized production batches, since thanks to the use of Futorque X-1 no major production machine has to be stopped and a high tablet output is nevertheless possible.   Download Product Catalogue

  • High Containment Screens

    Bringing a new dimension to containment with the HCS range of screens including the all new 5D Shield High Containment Screen. Howorth’s Shields (High Containment Screens) are a simple but effective way of boosting the containment capabilities of any downflow booth. With our latest range of shields, Howorth is able to offer previously unattainable levels of operator protection. NEW 5D Shield, High Containment Screen Developed in collaboration with existing booth operators, the 5D Shield offers unparalleled levels of operator flexibility, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of processes. Independent testing has confirmed that OEL’s as low as 1 μg/m3 can be achieved. This means that for operations where an air suit or isolator were previously the only option, a downflow booth combined with a Howorth Shield is now a viable solution. Download Product Brochure

  • Lifters

    These types of machines are used for a variety of applications when combined with process machines. The use of cone mills, hammer mills, vibration sieves, sifters, mobile for various areas or stationary. The broad applications spectrum of these devices can be seen in weighing for raw materials preparation or granulation for calibration, to name two examples. The take-up system is designed and adapted depending upon the process machines and the specified runs. Download Product Brochure

  • Pharma Process Bottles

    Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry users who prefer to use traditional bottles and rigid process packaging will be impressed by the improvements which have been incorporated into the New Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottle Range, which make it the cheapest and most efficient available. Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottles are manufactured from USP Class VI approved HDPE (with an FDA approved anti-static additive) and our design has been optimised for transport, the unique SQUARE design producing a valuable space saving of between 40-45%. Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottles feature a standard 6 inch Tri-Clamp neck design that will then adapt (using an injection moulded adaptor) to pharma-industry standard sanitary 4 inch Tri-Clamps (BS4825-3). Download Product Brochure

  • Pharmaceutical Chargebags

    Ezi-Dock™ manufactures a range of specialised process packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries including both rigid and flexible / disposable options, to ensure that the needs and preferences of all users can be met. Ezi-Dock™ Chargebags provide the ultimate in convenience and cost-effectiveness, but users of rigid bottles will also find that Ezi-Dock’s unique Chargebottle design features and market-beating price make them the best available of their type. The market for disposable, flexible containment process solutions within the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing industries has significantly grown over recent years. Some users of traditional process containers have found them to be expensive to clean and manage, as well as inefficient when discharging their contents. The high performance of the Ezi-Dock™ docking ring system has helped to develop and reinvent this specialised market, however, and the Ezi-Dock™ Chargebag is our flexible and highly effective alternative, which many users find offers significant cost and performance benefits over traditional blow moulded or rota-moulded rigid bottles. Download Product Brochure

  • RAB Systmes

    Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) are an effective alternative to isolators and cleanrooms where product protection from contaminants is of paramount importance. Whether your developing brand new facilities or modifying existings ones, a full site survey from Howorth will ensure that you receive the optimum barrier solution for your facility. Modular Flexibility A Howorth RAB system consists of individual modules, each manufactured to a standard specification, but completely configurable depending on the space that you have to work with. It can cover small or large filling and packaging lines, by simply adding more modules. Benefits and features Improved contamination control and consequently improved product quality Modular design facilitates speedy delivery, thereby ensuring minimum downtime Simplicity of air handling making RABS easier to install Flexible alternative to isolators and facilitate intervention where necessary Lower initial cost out-lay in comparison with brand new clean room facilities Suitable for integration into new and existing facilities Assists in ensuring your compliance with current regulatory requirements Download Product Brochure