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  Ocs : Checkweighing system

OCS Checkweighers from Germany is the leading manufacturer of dynamic weighing applications. With more than 30 years experience OCS expanded to a global player with subsidiaries and distribution & service partners all over the world - close to the customer. The OCS products offer high performance in dynamic weighing, combining high speeds with accuracy to allow reliable in-line weighing. We provide weighing solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food Industries, as well as Mail and Logistic market sectors; in either milligrams or kilograms, all are tailored to the individual customer's requirements.

The close unparallel contact between R&D and manufacturing within a single site enables us to provide flexible solutions which fulfil customer needs. 370 committed and qualified staff members, 25.000 m² production area... – everything from a single source ensures short transfers between departments and perfectly tailored solutions. Reliable, fast, flexible and adapted to the individual application. For the benefit of you – our customer.  

Our weighing solutions are used in many different organisations from small, independent companies to preferred supplier listings with multi nationals. OCS – the brand global players trust.

Solutions: OCS checkweighing systems
  EC-E: The entry class to Quality
  HC-M: The checkweigher for advanced applications
  HC-M-MD: Checkweigher and metal detector in combination
  HC-M-WD: Checkweigher for highest hygiene requirements for Wash Down environments (IP69k)
  HC-A: The high end model
  HC-A-IS (D): Weighing of cylindrical product
  HC-TQCC: Total Quality Check and Coding Centre
  HC-EX: The complete checkweigher for explosion risk areas (zone 1&2)
  HC: Convincing performance for highest requirements

EC-Essential: The entry class to Quality

The new OCS checkweigher EC-ESSENTIAL (EC-E) is designed for standard market level requirements at a throughput of up to 150 ppm. The new EC-E comes with an 8" colour touch screen with easy to use functionality.
The system is available in three different weighing ranges, (up to 1,500 g; 3,000 g and 6,000 g) which helps to support the flexibility for different conveyor size requirements.
Production data can be captured and transmitted by several interfaces or simply saved to a USB stick at the machine.


HC-M: The checkweigher for advanced applications

The HC-M, with a specification set between our EC-E and HC-A models, is ideally suited for demanding and mid-range checkweighing applications. The operator interface is consistent across the range, user friendly and menu driven via a 10.4'' TFT display. The robust stainless steel frame ensures higher weighing accuracies at both medium and higher conveyor speeds. The integrated Wipotec high-tech Weigh Cell, which works according to the principle of Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR), is revolutionary.

  • Stainless steel frame and housing with infeed weighing and outfeed conveyors (NT30) air blast reject unit
  • Comprehensive, menu-driven operation via 10.4'' colour TFT display with touch screen
  • Output max. 250 pieces/min. (depends on application data)

HC-M-MD: Checkweigher and metal detector in combination

The HC-M-MDi is a special machine configuration of the HC-M with 100% integration of the metal detector operation and evaluation in the checkweigher.
The HC-M-MDi enables administration of the product parameters and product change from the central location. The production statistics are recorded centrally at the same time.

Compact and reliable through genuine integration.

HC-M-WD: Checkweigher for highest hygiene requirements for Wash Down environments (IP69k)

The HC-M-WD is the ideal solution in industrial sectors that have especially high hygiene and cleaning requirements. The unique and innovative construction along with the solid stainless steel design makes it perfectly suitable for installation in moist and wet environments as well as for intensive and frequently repeating cleaning cycles (e.g. with steam jets).
The optional cleaning program facilities safe and through cleaning while the machine is running including automatic logging in the machine's electronic logbook. 

  • IFS compatible product monitoring
  • HACCP/LMHV/FDA conform design
  • Maintenance free, stainless steel encapsulated servo drives 
  • Weigh Cell in stainless steel 
  • Open under frame
  • Wash Down environments IP 69K

HC-Avantgarde: The high end mode

The development and design of the HC-A (Avantgarde) is focused not only on industry-specific requirements but also on the extraordinary hygiene and GMP aspects. The HC-A fulfils all requirements on the filling and packaging lines, especially for the pharmaceutical sectors.

The new and innovative series is based on the usual accuracy and speed (up to 650 products per minute) of an OCS checkweigher and adds new accents in the areas of intuitive controls and ergonomics.


HC-A-IS (-D): Weighing of cylindrical product

The HC-A-IS is a special machine configuration of the HC-A for weighing wobbly, cylindrical products (e.g. cans etc.) in an elaborate revolving weighing system with a high throughput at high speed.
The checkweigher is set up at any desired location next to the existing production line. Disconnecting the production line is not necessary.The two-part star wheel is very easy exchangeable (short set-up times).
For the elimination of faulty products a verified selection of sorting devices is available. Efficient and accurate in terms of the star rhythm. The specially designed cover guard and the integrated  safety interlocks ensure a high degree of safety. Output up to 200 parts per minute (HC-A-IS-D).


HC-TQCC: Total Quality Check and Coding Centre

Especially in production-, filling- and packaging processes of the pharmacy industry exist strong quality- and safety regulations. The TQCC meet this point perfectly: Weighing, Controlling and Coding as final 100% in-line endcontrol of the packaging process.
The integrated laser inscribes the accepted packages with a durable seal of quality. The integrated OCR camera system checks this code by accuracy and legibility.
The TQCC considers all pharmaceutical safety standards (21CFR Part 11, Audit Trail etc.) and it is a dynamic checkweigher, which can be easy and space-saving integrated into given production lines.
Machine can also be prepared as a “mark and verify” solution (without checkweighing) which serves as a basis for “Track and Trace” applications.


HC-EX: The complete checkweigher for explosion risk areas (zone 1&2)

The HC-EX is a special machine configuration of the HC for direct installation of scale and control terminal in areas where there is an explosion hazard.

According to the special requirements in the HC-EX are only used examined and certified individual components. The HC-EX is proofed and certified according to ATEX.

The HC-EX can be supplied also as 2-part-system (set off control column) for operation outside of endangered ranges.


HC: Convincing performance for highest requirement

HC checkweighers have been designed to meet the highest requirements for the modern, dynamic weighing technology.

They offer an ideal platform mechanically as well as for control tasks for the realisation of complex weighing tasks. The HC is a continuation of the product and operation philosophy known from the other checkweighers.

As the same time it broadens the application possibilities considerably and completes our versatile product spectrum especially for high-end applications.

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