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Meypack is a specialist for efficient, reliable and individual end-packaging machines. Machines, which are operating successfully in a very large number of companies around the world. Machines that Meypack manufactures in Germany, maintenance and service programs that Meypack carries out with its own personnel but also with personnel from its partners. Packaging machines from Meypack deliver the highest performance around the globe, day in and day out. Numerous innovations and countless hours of development have served to make the machine series from Meypack into proven and reliable machine systems. Machines with highly developed, proven-in-practice technology, a convincing degree of efficiency, high profitability and a fast, calculable return on investment. Among those machines that Meypack plans, produces and services are case packers, shrink wrappers, stretch-film wrappers as well as palletisers and depalletisers. In addition to the end-packaging machines, Meypack manufactures bag closing machines to hermetically close paper bags, plastic film bags and woven fabric bags.

Bag closing machines

Bag closing machines of the SVT Series
Meypack builds machines to close all known types of open bags. The machine program encompasses all methods such as sealing, crimp sealing, folding, sewing and glueing and offers all technically-efficient and sensible combination possibilities. Every capacity range is optimally covered by various sizes of machines and additional equipment enables every machine to be custom tailored to the customer's individual packaging requirements. Meypack bag closing machines of the SVT Series are well known for their exceptionally high reliability, even under extreme operating conditions. The bag closures produced daily by these machines worldwide fulfil the highest and most diverse requirements in the food, pet food, chemical and special building materials industries.


Case packers of the VP 400 Series
The Meypack case packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. The intermittent, highly flexible machines of the VP 400 Series pack in trays, wrap-around cases and trays with lids. The application "tray with lid" is possible in two variations, where the lid is either inserted or glued. The required cardboard blank quality conforms to the industry standard. The lowering principle is a special attribute of the VP 400 Series, which is equipped with and controlled by modern servo-technology. Positioned on an index chain, the product formations are transported at a low level through the machine, which guarantees the best possible folding and formation of the packaging unit. In addition, the lowering principle makes a space-saving, compact construction of this series possible one advantage among others. Thanks to the mostly standardised components, the machines can be quickly and efficiently assembled.

The VP 400 Series is suitable for an output of up to 30 cycles per minute. For all of the VP 400 Series machines, the product infeed can be designed as either an inline or an angled version. The Meypack case packers of the VP 400 Series can be combined with the shrink wrappers from the SW Series.

Case packers of the VP 500 Series
The VP 500 Series is based on a continuous packaging process carried out on one level. These machines are also designed for tray, wrap-around case and tray with lid applications. The continuous motion mode of operation ensures very gentle product handling and processing. As with all Meypack machines, the open design of the VP 500 Series machines provides optimal machine accessibility, which facilitates simple operability, fast format changeovers and efficient cleaning and maintenance work. The wrap-around machines can operate at a speed of up to 60 cycles per minute while the tray machines can pack at a speed of up to 90 cycles per minute. The tray machines are also available in a double lane version. In the wrap-around machines, it is possible to integrate fully automatic partition insertion systems for individual partitions or fully automatic partition systems for pre-fabricated partitions.

The VP 500 Series, with its modular construction, can be combined with the SW Series and thereby offers the highest possible flexibility in packaging solutions for the most varied of applications.

Shrink wrappers of the SW Serie
The Meypack shrink wrappers of the SW Series are available as both single roll and also as double roll shrink wrappers. Machine types of the SW Series that utilise the single roll technology are distinguishable by the absence of a sealing beam and have only one seal because the products are only wrapped by one roll of film. This is a distinct advantage when printed film is being used, not only because of the bottom seal but also because the printed film can be precisely centred. These machines can be operated at a speed of up to 100 cycles per minute. Two and three lane systems are currently on the job for Meypack customers. Machine types of the SW Series that utilise a double roll technology use a sealing beam, which can be quickly and easily changed. The two film rolls create two seals. This is well suited for less complicated packaging requirements and is only available for a low-speed or mid-speed output of up to 40 cycles per minute.

Both technologies are available for packing trays in film in combination with a machine from the VP Series as well as for packing loose products in film. All machine types of the SW Series stand out due to their economical use of film, which is made possible because the shrink film is laid tightly around the product by the heat activated shrinking procedure. This also guarantees a high level of stability and safety during transport.

Stretch-film wrappers of the FW Series
The Meypack stretch-film technology is particularly appropriate when the customer's priority is packaging for transport. The FW Series stretch-film wrappers use very thin film. Without any external use of energy, which is otherwise necessary in the shrink wrapping process in the shrink tunnel, the film is  wrapped two to three times around the product formation. In this way, the pre-stretched film (with an adjustable stretch ratio) is fittted very tightly around the products to be packed, creating a highly stable pack. An electrically heated servo-driven film cutting device separates the packs in a very clean and defined manner. Products sold in folding boxes and plastic containers from the frozen food, ice cream or detergent industries are being successfully packed by Meypack machines from the FW Series. To be able to quickly remove the film easily at the point of sale without the need for additional tools, the machine can be equipped with a laser perforation system the so-called "Easy Opening System". The FW Series is available for speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute.


Depalletisers of the DL Serie
The Meypack depalletisers of the DL Series are designed to depalletise layers of empty glass containers. The DL Series has a pallet transport system that automatically brings the full pallet into the pushing position. After the last layer has been removed, the empty pallet is transported to the empty pallet magazine. The Meypack depalletisers of the DL Series reach a maximum output of 3 layers per minute. Meypack depalletisers of the DL Series are available, if so desired, with an intermediate layer pad remover or a layer lid remover.



Palletisers of the PK Series
The Meypack palletisers of the PK Series are layer palletisers designed to palletise products end-packaged in cases, trays, shrink wrapped packs or plastic crates. The palletisers of the PK Series are available with both low-level infeed and also high-level infeed, including the stack lift. All palletisers from Meypack are  equipped with an intermediate table as a standard feature, which enables an output of between 4 to 6 layers per minute to be reached. The compact, modular design of Meypack's PK Series palletisers makes it possible to construct the machines in a wide variety of ways, depending upon the needs of the customer.

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