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   Matsubo : Powder processing system
  Crack U Lator
  Automatic Medium Dispenser
  Elbow-Jet Air Classifier / Simultaneous Multi-product Air
  Electric Vacuum Separator
  Vibration Dryer / V-Dryer

The Roll Granulator cracks material between two corrugated rollers. Each peak on the roller acts as a fulcrum point that cracks each particle as it is bridged between the mating roller.

The material then pass through succeeding sets of rollers that can be arranged with narrower pitch and clearance, and more stages to arrive at finer and finer particles.

Overgrinding is kept low using a cracking process resulting in very few fines. The result is a sharp particle size distribution.
The roller teeth do not actually touch one another and contact between the rollers and material is brief. Therefore almost no static electricity is generated.
No heat is generated or abrasion at the roller surface and even if the roll granulator is run continuously.
Particle size distribution is sharper than conventional grinders (hammer, grinding mill, oscillator).
Unlike the granulation method, middle processes i.e. dampening, mixing and drying processes have been eliminated, and efficient granulation is performed in a single unit.
The height and the installation area per throughput is considerably less than other dry process granulators.
- Pharmaceuticals: Granules, Granules for powdered medicines, Particle size adjustment before tablet making, Recovery of tablets from film coating, Recovery of powder from capsules
- Phenol resins, Epoxy resins
- Grinding and granulating detergents, Fertilizers, Agricultural chemicals
- Grading granular activated charcoals
- Granulating absorbent polymers
- Grinding coffee, Peanuts, Almonds, Spices, Freeze-dried foods, etc.
Manufacture: Nippon Granulator Co., Ltd.[Japan]

Automatic Medium Dispenser

The Automatic Medium Dispenser includes whole process for bacterial inspections, dispensing (both sample and medium), mixing, and labeling on petri dishes.

The automatic system can produce such medium dishes with accuracy as well as no cross contamination, that should provides you with great efficiency on pharmaceutical or food inspections.

Dispense with Accuracy
- No contamination
Eliminate Human Errors
- High Throughput
- Low Running Cost

Manufacture: Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.[Japan]

Elbow-Jet Air Classifier / Simultaneous Multi-product Air

Unlike conventional air classifiers, the Elbow-Jet Air Classifier is a dry processing classifier that was designed on the basis of the latest classification theories.

It mainly handles fine raw materials ranging from 0.5 to tens of micrometers in size, and can perform precise separation as well as simultaneous separation of fine and coarse fractions. The Elbow-Jet Air Classifier can be scaled up from small to larger-sized models.

Multiple classification of products with simultaneous fine and coarse cuts.
- Easily controls the particle size by changing the position of the classifying edge of the classifier.
- Easy-to-clean: Simple design with no moving parts inside of the main body for very little wear and sticking.
- Sharp and precise classification in ultra-fine powder range (especially, 0.5 to 10 µm classification points).
- Easy to scale up to larger equipment.
- Equipped with a sight glass to check operating conditions.
- Toner, Powder coatings, Resin powders
- Pigments, Raw materials for cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
- Alumina, Silica, Silicon carbide, Titanium oxide, Copper oxide, Aluminum hydroxide
- Ceramic raw materials, Ceramic fiber, Fillers, Electronic materials
- Ferrite, Metal powders, Carbon black, Coke
- Battery materials
Manufacture: Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.[Japan]

Electric Vacuum Separator

The Electric Vacuum Separator uses electrically charged rollers and suction from a vacuum fan to completely remove hair, lint and other foreign objects found in food products, granules and fine grains. It is an ideal device for the inspection process in finished products, and its separating efficiency is very highly rated. Over 500 units have been sold in total.

- 100% removal of hair.
- The use of static electricity ensures that even difficult-to-see foreign objects are removed (because objects are light).
- Easy to separate and remove foreign objects from agricultural, marine and food products.
- Ideal for final inspection of products.
- Able to do large capacity processing.
- Pharmaceuticals: Tablets, Granules for tablet making, Pellets, Fine granules, and Chinese medicines
- Food products: Delicacies, Marine products, Agricultural products, Dehydrated vegetables, Spices, Polished rice, Brown rice, etc.
- Chemicals: Resin pellet etc.
Manufacture: Shizuoka Machinery Works Ltd.[Japan]  

The V-Dryer uses vibrations to excite granular material forcing them to fluidize, and then dries them using indirect heat under vacuum. This machine can be used for a variety of applications including simultaneous dryingand lump breaking introducing balls and other media used in vibration mills, and drying and evaporating by slurry feed.

- Material fluidization using vibration, resulting in very little material break, uneven drying and dispersal.
- No stirring vanes: Easy to clean and to sterilize.
- Almost no seal components: Easy to maintain high vacuum.
- Organic materials: Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural chemicals, Dyes, pigments, and Food products
- Inorganic materials: Polishing materials, Glass beads, Graphite, Carbon, and Inorganic salt
- Metal powders: Pure iron, Ferrochrome, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt alloys, and Rare earth metals
- Resins: Ion exchange resins, Phenol resins, Acrylic resins, Silicone resins, Vinyl chloride resins, and Polyester resins
- Ceramics: Alumina, Silicon carbide, Zirconia, Silicon nitride, and Titanium oxide.
Manufacture: Chuo Kakohki Co., Ltd.[Japan]
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