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  Ikegami : Tablet and powder inspection
Color Visual Tablet Inspection Equipment
IKEGAMI is the best Japanese supplier for tablet inspection machine with Fully automatic Colour camera inspection and rejection for tablets and powder for pharmaceutical industry.By adopting the RGB color line sensor technology, the TIE 7000A has the capability of inspecting tablet for diffuse stains, printing defects, and many other defects with a high degree of accuracy. With advanced video processing technology (color line sensor) TIE-7000A can detect minute foreign objects adhering to tablets, color contamination, wrong print, chipping and fiber/hair on front, back and side of tablet with an inspection accuracy of 50 micron with an output capacity of up to 2,50,000 tablets per hour, the TIE 7000A can contribute greatly to improving product quality, consistency and safety, as well as helping to improve overall production efficiency.
Applicable tablets Plain tablet, Film-coated tablet, Sugar-coated tablet, Irregular-shaped tablet (Division-lined tablet, Engraved tablet, Printed tablet <Oneside/Both sides>)
Applicable sizes
Shape: [Round tablet] 5mm ~ 12mm
[Irregular-shaped] length maximum 21mm
Thickness: 2mm ~ 8mm
*Other sizes may be applicable with customer's requirement.
Color White color ~ Dark Brown color
Inspection items Front/Back/Sides:
Stain, Printing smudge, Printing blur, Chipping, Cracking, Deformation, Color stain, Discoloration, Color difference, Printing color difference, Hair, Fiber
Inspection accuracy
Stain: [Front/Back] 50μm or larger corresponding to black spot
[Sides] 50μm or larger corresponding to black spot
Chipping: 2mm2
Processing capacity Plain tablet, film-coated tablet (8mm):250,000 tablets/hour
<The same capacity at embedding the high accuracy inspection function
Lighting Lighting method: Optical fiber
Life estimated: 1,500H ~ 2,000H
Lamp: Special high brightness lamp x 4(User replaceable)
Pickup device: RGB CCD color line sensor
Lens: F2.8 f=50mm
Scanning method: one axis self-scanning method
Judging process Real-time parallel processing method
Power requirement Three phase AC200V/210V/220V
(Selectable at transformer tap) ±10%
Power consumption Less than 6kW
Pressure: Pressure: more than 0.5Mpa
Consumption: less than approx 300 liter per minute
Connection caliber: High coupler socket (400SH)
External dimensions W1780 x H1750 x D1100 mm (excluding projection)
Weight Less than 1400 kg
Option High accuracy inspection function
(special camera and lighting)
Powder removal system (SUS spec., coating spec.)
Printing software
External device interface
Easy Setting of Pre-set Thresh Hold
Inspection Thresh Hold Simulation Function
OD (Orally Disintegrating) tablet inspection
Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Equipment

The POIE-8000C Color Powdered/Granulated Medicine Inspection Device combines the color processing technology developed for tablet inspection equipment with technology for screening powdered and granulated medicines for impurities, thereby boosting the precision with which colored foreign matter can be detected. This new device also allows for certain colors to be specified for the detection of foreign matter that color. The device also comes equipped with a "linear feature extraction processing function", which facilitates the high-precision detection of fine fibers and hairs.With this new equipment, too, comes a marked increase in processing capacity thanks to the wide inspection conveyor belt that provides a stable, constant supply of sample material and the five-speed conveyor belt action (top speed is approximately 18m/minute).
In addition, the exclusion mechanism employs a reliable rotary nozzle system. This ensures that accurate pinpoint suction is provided only around the foreign substance, thereby boosting the recovery ratio of quality product.

*Processing capacity: More than double (based on in-house comparisons) *This product was jointly developed in conjunction with Eisai Co., Ltd.
Applicable Particle Powder, Fine Granule, Granule etc., Colored
Inspection Throughput 20 - 100 kg / hour
Inspection Objects Black or Colored Foreign Particle of over 40 - 60μm (diameter),Black or Colored Fiber and Hair of over 30μm (diameter) x 3mm
* Inspection accuracy depends on inspection throughput and object.
Transport Section Transport belt 1 row
Transport Belt speed Approx. 9 - 18m / minute (5 steps selectable)
Inspection area Approx. 392mm in width
Transported particle thickness Approx. 0.3 - 0.7mm (1 layer)
Camera Section 5,000 pixel RGB CCD line sensor camera x 4 units
Limit of resolution 20μm
Lighting Section Lighting system Fiber guide
Lighting source Halogen lamp x 12
Lighting position  2 spots at top, 1 spot at bottom
Lamp system DC lighting system (lighting level variable at 16 steps)
Lighting control Manual / Auto control selectable
Expected lamp life 1,000 - 1,500 hours

Power Source

Power supply Three phase 200V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 5kVA or less
Connection Terminal fixed with 6mm-screw
Air Pressured Air Pressure 0.5Mpa or more
Consumption 0.7NL / minute or less (clean dry air)
Coupling socket size Quick-connect air coupler socket 20SH
External Dimensions Control unit W570 x H1850 x D710mm
Main unit W1708 x H2050 x D1149mm
Air-vacuuming unit W750 x H1333 x D532mm
Weight Main unit Approx. 1,000kg (2,203 lbs)
Control unit Approx. 150kg (330 lbs)
Environment Condition Temperature 15 - 20 degree C (59 - 77 degree F)
Humidity 30~60%
Vacuumed Air Exhaust Negative pressure 4Kpa or more
Exhaust air emission 10 cubic meter / minute
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