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   Gordic : Tablet in tube filling

GORDIC specialized in developing, manufacturing, marketing and implementing machinery for filling tablets in rigid tubes. Located in southern Sweden, we supply both local and multinational producers of pharmaceutical and OTC products with our unique technology.

Entrepreneurship is our soul. During the years many ideas were born and realised. Today, with a strong engineering department and a first class workshop, GORDIC offer development and manufacturing of special machinery next to our tried and tested filling machines. Total Quality Management, including solid engineering and a high service-level, is a guideline to our daily work.

Among our customers we count large international companies such as Bristol-Myer-Squibb, Hoechst-Marion-Roussel, ASTRA/Zeneca, Pfizer, Merckle/Ratiopharm, Salutas/HEXAL, Boehringer&Ingelheim, Laboratories Roche Nicholas and Nordmark/KNOLL AG.


Tubefiller for cylindrical tablets
Gordic offers a wide range of filling machines, from the smallest with a capacity of 35.000 tablets an hour to the greatest with a capacity of 160.000 tablets an hour, depending on the number of tablets per tube.

All filling machines offers the following benefits:

Rapid and gentle filling
The rotation of tablet, using ROTAFILL ® technology, cylinders in the machine affects the flow of tablets trough it, standing them on edge an arranging in a row inside the tubes. The tubes then fills with the correct number of tablets in a few seconds - quickly and gently.
Handles different tablets, tubes and caps
The machines are flexible and can cope with the majority of tablets, either brittle, effervescent or harder types. Plastic and aluminum tubes of varying sizes are handled with ease and the equipment can be adapted for different types of caps, both with and without tamper evident closures.
Rapid resetting
A few simple manual operations and replacement of change parts adjust the machine. Machines are built from materials approved for use with foodstuffs and can be easily inspected, which facilitates both adjustment and maintenance. The main parts of the fillingmachine are made of the following materials: stainless steel (SS 2333) , aluminum (SS 4212), Makrolon® (Polycarbonate), Teflon® (PTFE), Delrin® (POM) , CB-PET® (PET).
Simple cleaning and servicing
Both tubefiller and tube/cap feeders are compact and can be located in separate rooms. The conveyors which link the various units and so form fully automated lines, can be custom-built, enabling easy location of the equipment in areas where space is limited, or environments where climatic control has been specified.
Compact system solution
Both tube-fillers and tube/cap-feeders are compact and can be located in separate rooms. The conveyors which link the various units and so form fully automated lines, can be custom-built, enabling easy location of the equipment in areas where space is limited, or environments where climatic control has been specified.
Reliability and excellent support
The company philosophy is one of building reliable machines that meet the requirements and offer an excellent support. This has given Gordic a foremost position among such leading European pharmaceutical companies as ASTRA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Glaxo, Merckle, Pharmacia & Upjohn, et., all of whom are just some of it's customers.
Technical data
Format range:
Tube length : 70 - 200 mm
Tube diameter : 20 - 40 mm
Tablet diameter : 10 - 30 mm
Tablet thickness : 3,5 - 10 mm
Please observer that the above mentioned intervals can be handled only with more than one set of format parts and the above mentioned ranges are general, for more detailed specification please check with resp. filling machine.
Machine data:
capacity : Nominal from 35 tubes a minute up to 160 tubes a minute, depending on the model of the fillingmachine.
voltage : 3 x 400 V and earth, 50 Hz
power : appr. 8 kW.
compressed air : 7 bar, appr. 850 L/minute.
weight : appr. 400 - 800 kg, depending on the model of the fillingmachine and extra equipment.
The above mentioned capacity can only be reached at proper production conditions and at a minimum of broken tablets. Ideal production conditions are temperatures of 18-20 °C and a relative humidity of 15-20%. The above mentioned capacity is general please check with resp. filling machine for more detailed information.

General description
The GORDIC filling machines are compact machines with low noise emission using a PLC which is operated from a control panel where operating instructions, error messages and tube speed, etc. are displayed.

The PLC in combination with pneumatics and replaceable format parts, reduces setup time for the GORDIC filling machines to a absolute minimum and provides flexibility in terms of possible product formats. The ROTAFILL ®-system, a unique technology for gentle counting and filling of cylindrical tablets in tubes, is especially suitable for fragile products like efflorescent tablets.

The GORDIC machines are built around one single, ingenious idea; when a circular item like a tablet slides into a rotating cylinder; it begins to rotate too. At the same time is raises to a position perpendicular to the cylinder. Due to the air cushion created between each tablet it makes it possible to pack fragile tablets gently and safely.
Tablet feeding
The tablets are fed either directly from the tablet press outlet, eventually via a conveyor, over two chutes with each a distributor to a tablet table. The distributors provide an even distribution of tablets into the channels. The tablets are then fed from the chutes on to the tablet table where they are distributed into a cassette. From this casket a controlled number of tablets are let into the tubes using the ROTAFILL ®-technology.

As an option the chutes can be replaced by a AIRSLIDE ® . This AIRSLIDE ® is multifunctional and provides gentle distribution, dedusting and online buffering of tablets. We strongly recommend implementation an AIRSLIDE ® together with the F-160.

Tube feeding
Empty tubes are fed automatically into filling position from tube supply. Three different types of supply units are available:
1. Unscrambler for tubes, delivered in bulk. This unscrambler has a capacity of 3.500-5000 tubes which are oriented in the unscrambler and placed on a tube conveyor. The tube conveying system is equipped with security function for ejection of wrongly oriented tubes.
2. Foldable external tube hub.
3. External tube hub(s).
Please note that all three units requires a "conveying unit for empty tubes" .
Cap feeding
Caps are fed from a vibrator cap feeder, via channels, to the capping station where they are fixed by vacuum. Multiple tubes are capped at the same time with individual pneumatic cylinders. The cap feeder can be loaded with up to 2000 caps at the time, depending on cap size.

As an option the F-160 can be equipped with an additional cap pre-feeder , including a conveying system.

Filling machine
The filling machine is fully automated and protected against personal injuries according to the valid CE-norm.

In the cassette on the tablet table, the tablets are counted. When the preselected number of tablets are accumulated in each of the channels, they are gently filled into tubes, first passing through the rotating in-feeder tubes. This ROTAFILL ®-system, is a unique system especially developed for fast and gentle filling of tablets in tubes. With this system tablets with a crushing strength of only 40 N can be handled at full operational speed.

After filling, the tubes are transported on a belt conveyor towards the capping station. During transport a control unit controls if the tubes are filled to the correct level. Wrongly filled tubes are rejected. The tubes are then capped automatically and a sensor controls if a cap is present and correctly positioned. Rejected tubes are not capped.

After capping, the tubes are discharged and can be taken care of manually or transported away on a conveying unit. We however strongly recommend the implementation o a " conveying unit for filled tubes ". Rejected tubes and significant badly capped tubes are ejected. Ink jet printing is preferably made during transport on the conveying unit.

The GORDIC filling machine can be equipped with format parts for different tablets, tubes and caps. Change from one format to another is normally made within one hour. Simple format changes, like change from one tube length to another, are done much faster.

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